Jamie Ward – ‘The Wrong Turn’ EP [Kote Records]

Kote Records.

EZ everyone. I’ve got a deep-tech release that has been circulating through my monitors the past couple of weeks. Jamie Ward, who heads up Act Natural Records, has built four tracks for the underground imprint, Kote Records based out of London. Having spent the last couple years curating the releases for Act Natural –  signing artists East End Dubs, DJ W!ld, and Chris Lattner among others, Jamie has  developed an ear for excellence when it comes to stripped-back, quality deep-tech sounds. Bringing his impeccable palette and production quality to Kote, Jamie lays down a collection of spacious and dark constructions, fueling any dancefloor into early morning hours.  Ward joins the Kote roster alongside John Monkman, Sek, and Philip Ort, furthering the label’s reputation of cutting-edge music.  Have a listen below.

Release Date:  9 September 2013



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East End Dubs – ‘Raised By Wolves’ EP



East End Dubs has been one of the most exciting producers for me to watch over the past year.  The man’s amazing production skill shines through every track he puts out, as I’m sure the same goes for the arsenal of beats he keeps exclusively for his live performances.  While there is nothing new about deep/tech house or techno, there is a freshness within in his sound that permeates through a combination of spacious textures, amazingly concise drum construction, and simple yet brooding sub-bass engineering.  His elusiveness is also another factor that surrounds his sound with enigma and curiosity.  He steers clear of the bullsh*t, and does nothing but put out tune after tune alongside his touring schedule.  After releasing exclusively within his self-titled imprint for close to a year, he garnered his first release solo release with Kote Records in December of 2012, and has since released a EP’s on Act Natural Records and Metroline Ltd.  His beat ‘Argo’ off the Metroline release has seen copious amounts of support from the likes of scene don DJ W!ld among many others.

The release I’m highlighting today is another four-track EP set to release on his East End Dubs imprint (vinyl only) at the end of September.  ‘Brooklyn’ is a tune I’ve been after since hearing it in one of his monthly mixes, and I’m ecstatic that I will finally own it soon.  Take a listen below and go give this badman some support by liking his pages.  Also, if you like what you here be sure to follow his Soundcloud as his monthly mixes are a great way to receive previews of his forthcoming sounds ;).


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East End Dubs – She Loves It EP [ANR011]

east end dubs art

If you’re not aware of the man behind the alias and label – East End Dubs – you’re in for quite the treat.  I’d be telling a fib if I told you I’ve been following the man for very long, I only stumbled across his music a couple months back.  But, after delving into his discography, I’ve discovered that this man has been producing some of the (in my opinion) freshest, cleanest, and most dance-friendly deep house my ears have come across.  Seemingly a man of mystery, he’s received much of his acclaim from the label he runs – self-titled ‘East End Dubs’ – that has put out a number of white label, limited edition, color 12″ records alongside digital copies.  The series, as of now, has reached it’s 6th installment and is sure to steadily march forth.  He has also started a vinyl-only release series with the 001 set to drop sometime in early April and I highly recommend the vinyl heads to stay on top of this one – it contains 4 masterfully constructed tracks that will suit any warehouse vibe.  Check the pre-order link —–> PRE-ORDER

The release I want to highlight today dropped yesterday on Act Natural Records, and features 4 original compositions from the Londoner:

  1. She Loves It
  2. Stranger
  3. Make Some
  4. Charlie Foxtrot

‘She Loves It’ kicks off the EP with deep, sub-driven grooves accompanied by stuttered kicks, and dauntingly sexy vocal chops woven throughout the mix.  My personal favorite off the EP.  ‘Stranger’ follows suit as far as the depth factor, with generous amounts of reverb applied to stabs and various other synth sounds – creating a very dubbed-out aesthetic for the track.  ‘Make Some’ is all about the drums!  Thundering kick hits, crisp hats, and various other percussive elements are sewn together leaving ample space for the subtle pad present itself, rising and falling from the mix.  To finish out the EP, ‘Charlie Foxtrot’ brings us back to the warehouse with our eyes down and feet moving.  Applying his signature mastery of clean drum hits, he adds punching synth stabs, distant vocal chops, and eerily pleasing atmospherics that give a perfect finishing touch to this beat.


As of now, the release is a Beatport exclusive so I’ve included the buy link below:


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