Raggs – In Your Eyes EP [ELK012]


Elk Beats is US-based imprint that operates on 100% self distribution and an intention of facilitating a platform forward-thought.  Founder of the label, Donnie ‘Esh-One’, has been a largely prolific figure in the United States underground scene, whether it’s his dedication to dubplate culture (the man has PILES of acetate!) or his ever-changing styles within the production arena.  You can always count on fresh-sounding music to be hosted by an innovator like Donnie.

The ‘In Your Eyes’ EP marks the twelfth release for Elk Beats and showcases a downtempo cosmic ethos.  Raggs is an OG dubstep figurehead who has long been part of El-B’s infamous Ghost Recordings crew as well as the Croydub event regularly held in Croydon.  One of the baddest females around.  She has done vocals for two beats that are produced by Dubface and Kinzy.  The release definitely holds the vibe of darker, more emotional 140 styles.  The title track, In Your Eyes, is produced by DubFace – who has been producing grime and dubstep for the past 8 years or so – and is my favorite beat off the release.  The swing of the drum pattern and the analog sound of the lead high synth add a perfect amount of gritty-emotion to the vocals laid down by Raggs.  The final track of the release is ‘Surrender’ produced by Kinzy.  Kinzy has long been making a good beat or two as well as hosting his radio show on Rood FM Mondays 2-4PM (GMT).  This track is next-level.  The spacey textures, colorful synth-work, and evocative processing of Raggs vocals make this tune a seriously cosmic piece of bass music.  The minimal percussion that is so intricately placed adds a perfect “cherry on top” to this whole mixdown.


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In The Shadows Volume 1: Promise One

Ziiiiiingggg! What’s going on people.  We hope you had a great weekend.  Today is the start to a new series here at BWS, called ‘In The Shadows’.  The intent of this series is to highlight up-and-coming artists who represent the deep, dark, and minimal sounds that we love so much.  So, hopefully you guys/gals will receive the material with respect and enjoyment.

To start things off this week we have an artist who has adopted the monicker Promise One.  Coming out of North London, this 24 year old brings a really sick interpretation to the genre.  Originally captured by “dusty” hip-hop, as he puts it, he was introduced to dubstep in 2005 while at school in Leeds.  Instantly intrigued by the spacious and organic productions of Burial and Kode9, he quickly began to delve into the bass scene’s entirety.  As he had already been producing hip-hop under the name ‘Defiant Kinetics’ for a few years before his love for dubstep began, he had experience with programs such as Reason and Cubase.  So, we would imagine, the transition to dubstep production was just a bit easier than those who have never touched a DAW before.  His early influences are apparent in his rolling basslines and reverb-drenched, distant sounding synths.  His debut release was on Reboot Records (Boot09) back in mid 2011, containing the tracks ‘Dissonance’ and ‘Glyph’.  Both of the tunes are superb productions and we highly recommend purchasing them!  Take a listen below.

Promise One – Dissonance


Promise One – Glyph


With that release already under his belt, as well as a release on Sub Pressure Recordings, Promise One is back again with another set of masterpieces.  This one, released early this month, came out on Gamma Audio.  Both of the tunes on this release show the evolution of his sounds as well as his maturing production capabilities.    The A side, titled ‘Kilos’, emits growling basslines and very garage-like use of percussion.  The vocal processing on this tune perfectly mesh with the instrumental production laid down.  The B side is a track titled ‘Lowkey’ and is on a different vibe than the flip.  More of a half-step stomper, this tune slows things down a bit.  The synths in this tune truly capture your ears, and quite quickly if we may add. Again utilizing his garage approach to the percussion styling Lowkey brings a classic vibe to the modern era of music production.

Promise One is a man that you should definitely keep your eyes on as he will most certainly be climbing the ranks within the deep scene.  He really embodies the foundation-oriented approach that we here at Bassweight Society love.  Please check out the links below to purchase his latest release on Gamma Audio.  Either from Juno or from Beatport.  Make sure to visit his Facebook page and show the man the support he deserves.  Below you will also find the Soundcloud links to ‘Lowkey’ and ‘Kilos’.


Promise One – Lowkey/Kilos (Juno Download)

Promise One – Lowkey/Kilos (Beatport Download)

Promise One Facebook Page


Promise One – Lowkey (GAMMA027)


Promise One – Kilos


Alright people, that’s the word for today.  Much respect to the readers that have been/continue to visit our website, it really means a lot to us.  2012 is the “year of the weight”, as the badman Cyrus put it in one of his Twitter posts last month.  So, together let’s bring the deep, dark, and minimal sounds to the United States.  We’re all about spreading soundsystem music to the heads.  See you next time.  Respect!

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