Rewind Wednesday – Origins of the Wob

Mary Anne Hobbes's - Dubstep Warz

Sup fam! You know the drill by now. Wednesday = legendary dubstep tunes. This week features a few tracks that will show the “Origins of the Wob” from it’s homely beginnings as a wump in the mix, to an all out dragon-beast destined to oscillate its way into the charts.

We all know that infamous wobble didn’t just fall out of thin air and land on Skream’s hard drive. The ‘Wobble’, or Low Frequency Oscillation (LFO) was a concentrated effort understood and utilized by early dubstep producers. Guy’s like The Others, Skream and Coki were boosting the Mid’s and cranking that LFO to great success with record sales and more importantly, dancefloor results. Take a journey with the Wob and see what you like better, the old or the new.

First up is Skream & Cluekid’s – ‘Sandsnake’. The first release on Skream’s Disfigured Dubz label, Sandsnake couples the amen-style breaks of Drum and Bass and an ever-present wobble to create an absolute dance floor killer. Released in August 07 – this tune turned many heads and opened many doors for the sound known as “dubstep”.

PS – Both Skream and Cluekid have been putting out much BWS approved material in 2011. Make sure to check them both out in 2012.

Hopping right into the second tune, Stenchman unleashes ‘What the Future Holds’ and the almost formulaic ‘epic drop’ that is so often reproduced nowadays. The wobs are complementary to the gritty saw that adds a groundbreaking element to a tune that could have easily inspired the word “Bassface”.

XSDubz – 2007

We’re ending it huge with our last track. Coki‘s – Spongebob, will honestly change the way you think about dubstep. It was released in ’07 under the uber-chill DMZ banner, yet it is one of the craziest-wobbliest tunes out there. We might ask “How did it make the cut?”. Well, it was one of the first of it’s kind, and promptly received a rewind 98% of the time it was dropped. This tune broke the ice with wobbles and absolutely dove in!

Look at these people going BUCK WILD to it in 2007. (Below)

Cool, well we hope you enjoyed the tunes and noticed their similarities and the influence they hold today. These classics helped blaze the trail for the wobble and still stand up to big tunes today. Bump em!

See you next Wednesday!

BWS (Shice)


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