Distance – ‘Set You Free/Gorilla Force’ [CHST027]


This announcement made my day.

Distance will be releasing ‘Set You Free’ ft. Stepa backed with ‘Gorilla Force’ on the 20th of May.

Here are some audio clips to hold you over.  The record will hit the Chestplate Surus store first, so keep your eyes locked.



– Kinman


Music For Your Mindstate: Techno To Tearout

Yup.  It’s Friday.  Such blessed days, Fridays are.  Just want to give a massive shout to all the heads that rolled through Bassweight Society presents Broken Note last night.  It was truly a great one.  I don’t think people were ready for the powerful sounds that Broken Note had up his sleeve.  Some of the most groundshaking, industrial-esque music I’ve heard, hands down.  He absolutely smashed the dance up!

Before you guys get your weekends started we have some killer tunes that have recently been put into circulation.

First two tracks are off of Boddika’s forthcoming Swamp 81 release that’s due out the 26th of March.  The A side, ‘Acid Jackson’, is MAADDDDD groovy!  Nothing less should ever be expected when Boddika gets on the buttons but, nevertheless, this tune is exceptionally large.  The flip, ‘Basement’, is another gem, straight up.  The synth moves your body for you, even if you’re too cool to skank.

Boddika – Acid Jackson/Basement (Forthcoming Swamp 81)


Next tune is another techno one from Sleeper.  Himself, alongside Killawatt, are a techno binge lately and honestly I can’t complain.  Sleeper’s minimal techno vibes are epic!  I mean we’re talking underground dungeon rave status.  No windows, no light, nothing but lasers and vibes.  The track is called ‘Telepathy’, highly recommend listening to this one with your sound at high output levels.

Sleeper – Telepathy


Alright, now we’re moving back into the 140 arena with Mensah’s forthcoming Deep Medi release, ‘The Gambia/The Trailing Moons of Saturn’.  This one like Boddika’s is due out March 26 and will no doubt fly off the shelves so, I recommend watching your preferred vinyl retailer very closely so you don’t miss out.  The first track, ‘The Gambia’, is a dark, tribal infused tune for the deep heads.  The percussion is huge on this track!  The Trailing Moons of Saturn is a mind raper.  It gives me the same vibes as a lot of Goth-Trad’s recent work.  Perfectly suiting for the Deep Medi imprint in my opinion.  Take a peak below, blud.

Mensah – The Gambia/The Trailing Moons of Saturn (Forthcoming Deep Medi)


The last track we’re going to leave you with is a recent collaboration between LAXX and Walsh, forthcoming on Wheel & Deal.  This one is a straight party tune.  These boys make their presence very well-known with this track as the gritty wobble comes through the speakers with ferocity and, most importantly, CONTROL.  Too much of the heavier stuff lately displays very poor production quality/sound design, but not with this track.  Quality in-your-face dubstep that will set the dance off without a doubt.  Respect to the boys!

LAXX & Walsh – Latest Tech (Forthcoming Wheel & Deal)


Alright goons, enjoy the sounds!  Big up the artists so they know their music is well-received.  BUY THEIR MUSIC!!!  Show some respect for the hours these guys put into pleasing our audible desires.  See you next week.  Stay safe and as always, RESPECT!

To the gods.



Big Sounds: Sleeper, Loadstar, Congi, Data & Alvarez, and Pressa

Easy all the heads. Halfway through the week, and I’m loving it! This weekend is going to be quite an epic one. Tomorrow night we have myself (Kinman) throwing down an all-vinyl set in Santa Barbara in support of Broken Note’s performance. If you’re going to be in town come check out the show! It’s free and Broken Note throws down really dope live shows with some truly powerful sound waves. It’s going to be at Eos Lounge on Anacapa, come kick it with the fam! Then, Saturday night we have Beyond Wonderland with the Hospital Records crew coming through in full-effect, Andy C the 3-deck master, Mistajam, Ed Rush & Optical, and Magnetic Man. Honestly haven’t been this excited for a show in a LONG time. It’s already a sold out show, those of you that got tickets, well played. If you don’t have tickets I would strongly suggest figuring out a way to get in because it’s going to be one for the record books.

In light of the rave this weekend, today’s music is a mixture of dubstep as well as drum and bass. Some top-notch music as always, so flip on the sub, light up the spliff, and get ready for today’s journey.

First tune that I want to highlight is an absolutely massive techno roller coming from the hands of Sleeper. The tune, titled ‘Oxygen’, would go hard in the airplane hangars that Saturdays event is held at. Pure minimalistic vibes and sub-pressure that can be felt miles away. Really can’t get enough of these percussive techno tunes that so many ‘dubstep’ artists are putting out lately. Quality material! Lend an ear below.

Sleeper – Oxygen


Sleeper’s Facebook

Sleeper’s Soundcloud

This next bit is another one from a man who has been so on top of his shit lately, Congi. Holding it down for the Macabre Unit crew HARD. The track we have from him today is titled ‘Cult’ and is forthcoming on Tribe12 Records. He utilizes a really clever and meaningful vocal sample that should resonate extremely well to the heads with strong ties to a proper soundsystem. The spliff directive mentioned above was primarily for this one 😉

Congi – Cult (Forthcoming Tribe12)


Congi’s Soundcloud

Pressa just recently dropped a 140 jungle tune called ‘Be With Me’. This one is for all the foot work crew! Displaying that classic vibe fused with modern sound. There seems to be a pretty big divide in peoples opinions about this stuff. Personally, I think it’s dope but I also understand the complaints of long-time junglists who feel it’s lost its authenticity. Each to his own, I guess. Anyways…..

Pressa – Be With Me


Pressa’s Facebook

Pressa’s Soundcloud

This next tune picks the tempo up a bit. A new one from Data & Alvarez that is just a skanker! The track’s titled ‘Resist’ and you can still make out the chant, faintly under the vocal processing. Hope you’re somewhere you can move your feet, this 170 business will get you going.

Data & Alvarez – Resist


The final track we’re going to leave you with is a remix Loadstar did for Noisia. It’s been out for a while so many of you have probably heard it but, it’s one of the few remixes of a Noisia tune that is even comparable to the next level business that they’re on. This track is an absolute anthem for the late nights with no sleep and and pure vibes.

Noisia – Tommy’s Theme (Loadstar Remix)


Alright goons, see you next time. Respect.

To the gods.

-Bassweight Society