Congi – ‘Tidal Fragments’ LP [Chord Marauders]

With the Chord Marauders having established a eminent presence as one of the more refreshing avenues currently pursued within the 140 template, Congi’s ‘Tidal Fragments’ surges track-by-track with reinforcement as to reasoning behind this stature.  The meticulously constructed drums hit with astouding clarity as they seamlessly swing and syncopate.  A sea of spaciously dubbed atmospheres blanket the album’s paradigm of soulful melody, paving avenue for an airy, almost celestial cover-to-cover listening experience.  While I dare not bore you with an exhaustive review of the entire album, there are a couple standout tunes I must bring into the feature.  Firstly, ‘Scales, Steps, & Intervals’ is an absolute gem.  Congi & B9 on the track together is never going to disappoint, but this one is truly something special.  Secondly, ‘Lost Path’ hits a deep nerve with me.  The melancholic atmosphere, the punchy sub notes, and off-kiltered snares all form a very cohesive and powerful message when in the presence of each other, and this track really grabs hold of mind and emotion.

via SubdotMission

Release Date:  28 February 2014




Monday Recovery: Congi & Gantz, Sleeper, Quantum Soul & Linden, and Existance

Bless up all the readers.  Hope everyone had a dope weekend.  I was out in Joshua Tree, CA watching some of the most insane fire dancing I’ve ever seen.  Some people are straight up insane, it’s so awesome.  Needless to say, it was a really interesting experience.  Lot’s of fun.  But anyways, I got some really huge tracks lined up for tonight!

Gonna start things off today with a 170 tune that Quantum Soul alongside Linden have forthcoming.  This one has got some seriously mystical vibes to it.  Definitely one of my favorite 170 tracks that I’ve heard lately.

Quantum Soul & Linden – Tradition


Sleeper has honestly been on a non-stop production binge for the past 6 months, at least, and has served up a really dark, lost in space typed vibe on this one with some kick drums that send power through your entire body.  It’s only a very short clip unfortunately but hopefully we’ll see it get a release soon!

Sleeper – Shook


The badmen over at Innamind Recordings Congi and Gantz are back on the track together and they are bringing some extremely hard-hitting basslines, grooved out percussion sequences, and sexy ass vocals with them.  This new bit, called ‘Warrior’, is set to release May 5th on Innamind as part of the Cave Dance EP so make sure that you snag this one up on Saturday!  Massive shout to AJP for the upload, high quality is a standard at this point.


Gonna finish today off with another AJP upload, from an artist who has adopted to monicker Existance.  This track, called ‘Waking Life’, is a serious soul jam.  I would love to see this get a vinyl release because I would snag it up in a heartbeat!  Hold tight for the second drop, it’s too much!  Big up to Existance, I’ll be keeping my eyes on you.  Check out his other tunes on his Soundcloud below as well.  Free download business all over his page.



That’s all I got for today!  Tired and busy, life is killing me right now.

To the gods.


Big Sounds: Sleeper, Loadstar, Congi, Data & Alvarez, and Pressa

Easy all the heads. Halfway through the week, and I’m loving it! This weekend is going to be quite an epic one. Tomorrow night we have myself (Kinman) throwing down an all-vinyl set in Santa Barbara in support of Broken Note’s performance. If you’re going to be in town come check out the show! It’s free and Broken Note throws down really dope live shows with some truly powerful sound waves. It’s going to be at Eos Lounge on Anacapa, come kick it with the fam! Then, Saturday night we have Beyond Wonderland with the Hospital Records crew coming through in full-effect, Andy C the 3-deck master, Mistajam, Ed Rush & Optical, and Magnetic Man. Honestly haven’t been this excited for a show in a LONG time. It’s already a sold out show, those of you that got tickets, well played. If you don’t have tickets I would strongly suggest figuring out a way to get in because it’s going to be one for the record books.

In light of the rave this weekend, today’s music is a mixture of dubstep as well as drum and bass. Some top-notch music as always, so flip on the sub, light up the spliff, and get ready for today’s journey.

First tune that I want to highlight is an absolutely massive techno roller coming from the hands of Sleeper. The tune, titled ‘Oxygen’, would go hard in the airplane hangars that Saturdays event is held at. Pure minimalistic vibes and sub-pressure that can be felt miles away. Really can’t get enough of these percussive techno tunes that so many ‘dubstep’ artists are putting out lately. Quality material! Lend an ear below.

Sleeper – Oxygen


Sleeper’s Facebook

Sleeper’s Soundcloud

This next bit is another one from a man who has been so on top of his shit lately, Congi. Holding it down for the Macabre Unit crew HARD. The track we have from him today is titled ‘Cult’ and is forthcoming on Tribe12 Records. He utilizes a really clever and meaningful vocal sample that should resonate extremely well to the heads with strong ties to a proper soundsystem. The spliff directive mentioned above was primarily for this one 😉

Congi – Cult (Forthcoming Tribe12)


Congi’s Soundcloud

Pressa just recently dropped a 140 jungle tune called ‘Be With Me’. This one is for all the foot work crew! Displaying that classic vibe fused with modern sound. There seems to be a pretty big divide in peoples opinions about this stuff. Personally, I think it’s dope but I also understand the complaints of long-time junglists who feel it’s lost its authenticity. Each to his own, I guess. Anyways…..

Pressa – Be With Me


Pressa’s Facebook

Pressa’s Soundcloud

This next tune picks the tempo up a bit. A new one from Data & Alvarez that is just a skanker! The track’s titled ‘Resist’ and you can still make out the chant, faintly under the vocal processing. Hope you’re somewhere you can move your feet, this 170 business will get you going.

Data & Alvarez – Resist


The final track we’re going to leave you with is a remix Loadstar did for Noisia. It’s been out for a while so many of you have probably heard it but, it’s one of the few remixes of a Noisia tune that is even comparable to the next level business that they’re on. This track is an absolute anthem for the late nights with no sleep and and pure vibes.

Noisia – Tommy’s Theme (Loadstar Remix)


Alright goons, see you next time. Respect.

To the gods.

-Bassweight Society

It’s Monday. F*@K.

Gwaann get up to da’ decks man.  Another Monday here to taunt us all with the 5 days we must wait until we are once again freed from our chains.  It really sucks how fast the weekends go by.  Straight up madness.  To say the least, I was extremely exhausted to begin with today, and then got flooded with a full day of work then a paper that I had to jam out before class.  Just got back to the crib and I am most definitely lacking the appetite for literary expression that I usually have.  Just one of those days, haha.  But, fear not, I have still gathered up a handful of good tunes that I have come across in the little free time I’ve had the past couple days.  A lot of mellow vibes featured in today’s post so, make sure you have a spliff ting’ ready for the lighta’.

First track on the decks is one from Macabre Unit crew member, Congi.  This track keeps it really smooth, minimal, and lounge-like vibed.  Nothing like a coffee and some creeping sunlight to this one.

Gantz – Indifferent (Congi Remix)


Next track is another from TMSV.  This one’s another easy-vibed roller.  Actually progresses quite nicely from the previous track.  Not a lot needs to be said when a track comes out the hands of this guy except, LISTEN CLOSELY.  A true don to the game.

TMSV – Stress


The next 3 tracks come from US based producer, VVV.  He makes truly beautiful music.  Each of the tracks listed below fit in perfectly with tunes such as the above.  The realness to his productions is unique and can’t really be matched by anybody.  I mean, his songs really take your mind away and let you drift for a few minutes at a time.  Vibbbbbbbbbeess.

VVV – Leave (Clip)


VVV – Interested In You


Delete – Neva (VVV Remix)


All right, I know there is definitely some heads that want some heavy weight business so I got two for ya’ll.  First track is a remix that Chestplate boss Distance has recently put out.  Put out his interpretation of  Overjoyed, by Bastille, in a very nice fashion.  Got some eerie ting’s coming out the speakers with this track.  Vocal processing is top-notch and track is mixed-down flawlessly.  The to set things off rolling into Tuesday we have a new one put out by heavyweight bossman, Sleeper.  Forthcoming Chestplate records.  HUGE tune.


Sleeper – Zodiac


Hope these tunes ease the transition back to reality, even if they are kinda late.  Bless to the readers.

To the gods.

Bassweight Society (Kinman)

Get to Know: Anex, Congi and Macabre Unit Digital


A new day, a new dub! Gonna keep it short and sweet as we have to go drink some beer.  Today we’re featuring a grip of new artists along with a label to surely keep your eyes on.  Macabre Unit Digital was created in October 2011 and is headed up by deep producer Demon, a member of the UK’s Macabre Unit crew, a self described “multi talented music outfit, from drum & bass, grime, to hip hop/rnb… thru to dubstep”.  Under the banner M.U.D, this label keeps delivering bassweight hits. Lets get straight to it!

Flick on the sub and listen to some of their releases:



Epic 2nd Release


Free JAM from friend of M.U.D., Occult:



To best follow M.U.D link up with Demon on Facebook or follow his fanpage.

Affiliated artist Anex is also rumbling pant legs with bassweight via radio waves and live shows with his sub-heavy jams.


Biggups to FatKidOnFire for exposing Anex to us with a large free EP released via their soundcloud.


The “Requiem EP”‘s largest track, in our opinion, is Congi’s remix which features goosebump-enducing second drop. Make sure to download the entire EP because it’s rare to get such a good batch of tunes for FREE!

Being the dub-detective type, we checked out Congi’s soundcloud and again were blessed with some deep, minimal dubstep!

Download this track ASAP (Listen till 2nd drop):


Make sure to add these guys to add to your ‘who to watch’ List, because they’re surely on a roll. Macabre Unit Digital has big plans for 2012 with a slew of new releases sure to shake the underground. Don’t forget to grab all the free releases in this post guilt free, but be sure to support M.U.D and purchase their tunes here.

Skank it EZ!

BWS (Shice)