It’s Monday. F*@K.

Gwaann get up to da’ decks man.  Another Monday here to taunt us all with the 5 days we must wait until we are once again freed from our chains.  It really sucks how fast the weekends go by.  Straight up madness.  To say the least, I was extremely exhausted to begin with today, and then got flooded with a full day of work then a paper that I had to jam out before class.  Just got back to the crib and I am most definitely lacking the appetite for literary expression that I usually have.  Just one of those days, haha.  But, fear not, I have still gathered up a handful of good tunes that I have come across in the little free time I’ve had the past couple days.  A lot of mellow vibes featured in today’s post so, make sure you have a spliff ting’ ready for the lighta’.

First track on the decks is one from Macabre Unit crew member, Congi.  This track keeps it really smooth, minimal, and lounge-like vibed.  Nothing like a coffee and some creeping sunlight to this one.

Gantz – Indifferent (Congi Remix)


Next track is another from TMSV.  This one’s another easy-vibed roller.  Actually progresses quite nicely from the previous track.  Not a lot needs to be said when a track comes out the hands of this guy except, LISTEN CLOSELY.  A true don to the game.

TMSV – Stress


The next 3 tracks come from US based producer, VVV.  He makes truly beautiful music.  Each of the tracks listed below fit in perfectly with tunes such as the above.  The realness to his productions is unique and can’t really be matched by anybody.  I mean, his songs really take your mind away and let you drift for a few minutes at a time.  Vibbbbbbbbbeess.

VVV – Leave (Clip)


VVV – Interested In You


Delete – Neva (VVV Remix)


All right, I know there is definitely some heads that want some heavy weight business so I got two for ya’ll.  First track is a remix that Chestplate boss Distance has recently put out.  Put out his interpretation of  Overjoyed, by Bastille, in a very nice fashion.  Got some eerie ting’s coming out the speakers with this track.  Vocal processing is top-notch and track is mixed-down flawlessly.  The to set things off rolling into Tuesday we have a new one put out by heavyweight bossman, Sleeper.  Forthcoming Chestplate records.  HUGE tune.


Sleeper – Zodiac


Hope these tunes ease the transition back to reality, even if they are kinda late.  Bless to the readers.

To the gods.

Bassweight Society (Kinman)


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