Weekend Weight: Kahn, Biome Giveaways

Welcome back fam. We’re back with a quick post to get you a couple free tunes heading into the weekend. Released just today and yesterday, both Kahn and Biome decided to relinquish some dubs upon the  nation. Both these cats are Bassweight favorites, so to get some free ones from em is really a treat.

Kahn‘s celebrating his 5000+ facebook folllowers, and in his good mood, gave away 4 unreleased remixes. Definitely download this and lend an ear to his unique style. There’s even a couple for the ladies…

Kahn – Remixes & Versions (free dl) :


Biome‘s free track is a genuine smasher and definitely deserves to be in your playlist. With less focus on a snare, the huge bass really takes over on this one, allowing for a sub-heavy crowd pleaser.

Biome – Specimen


Hope you enjoyed the freebies, we gotta head into the weekend and will be back Monday with some more Bassweight selections.




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