Respect da’ Roots

Wag Wan fam,

Today we finna’ bring you another round of reggae dubs to keep the spirits high ūüėČ Pulling a couple classics out of the bag and sharing them with you, because we know reggae brings the right vibes to all ears.¬† Light one up and have a listen.

First choon is a remix done by big bad west coast producers Noah D¬†& Roommate,¬†and¬†dates back to 2008.¬† Originally a massive tune hailing from reggae-don Alborosie, titled ‘Police’, Noah D & Roomate throw their flavour into it, titling the tune Polizia Remix.¬† Most noticeable is the big chubby bassline accompanied by Alborosie‚Äôs high grade lyrics, making it a tune to throw in the list of classics.¬† Whether at home or in the club, always a big tune.


Next choon is another one dating back to around 2008 and is as solid as the last one.¬† The tune titled ‘ Big Up An‚Äô Bun Her’ is similar to the last one with a sick reggae chant ushered by a bassline that makes you rock in your seat.¬† Perfect day-party type tune here.


The next one is from the evil half of Digital Mystiks, Coki.¬† On the remix of a tune titled ‘Wah Dem A Do’, Coki initiates his noticeable style into the tune while incorporating the gangsta for life lyrics so well known by veteran Mavado.¬† I like utilizing tunes like this because it often times reaches out to a larger audience than solely deep heads.


Last choon is mega bassweight remix by Marcus Visionary titled ‘The General’.¬† The original done by Jahdan Blakkamoore is nothing short of epic but, the remix really brings the pressure with powerful low-end frequencies.¬† Turn this one up, sit back, and enjoy.



-BWS (Lowkey)


Mix Mondays: Weight For The Week

Hello fam! ¬†Welcome to a new feature we plan on keeping around at Bassweight Society, ‘Mix Mondays’. ¬†As you all know, mixes are a great way to hear new dubs and generally skank the f*ck out. ¬†This Monday we have three featured mixes to add some low-end to your week as you transition out of the weekend.

Our first mix comes from Evergreen Forest Records and previously featured artist, Marchmellow.  This mix goes in right from the start with a big forthcoming Marchmellow track and continues on heavy, ending with some very nice Evergreen forthcomings and Marchmellow dubs.  Check out the tracklist on Soundcloud and find some new favorites!

Marchmellow – Evergreen Forest Records Mix

California based artist, Roommate, provides us with our second mix, taken from his Soundcloud¬†page. ¬†Roommate has been smashing it on the West Coast and throughout the U.S., all while releasing a wide variety of Bassweight approved dubs. ¬†This mix showcases just that, as Roomates ability to create great Reggae influenced jams and Dubstep bangers is seen. ¬†Wih 16 ORIGINAL tracks, this mix is highly recommended to kick off any day as its jah-lectrified sounds will surely diminish any feelings of angst or anxiety towards the week. ¬†The mix puts the “Dub” into “Dubstep”.

Roommate – Mix For Jamaica


Monday’s final mix comes from Bassweight Society’s own,¬†Kinman. ¬†Like the above mixes, a subwoofer is highly recommended with this one. ¬†Kinman shows his love for the deeper sounds of Dubstep by bringing 40 minutes of non-stop DARKNESS. ¬†Showcasing tunes from the likes of Killawatt, Thelem, Truth, and Matt-U, to name a few, this mix vibes for all the deep heads.

Kinman – Bassweight Sessions Volume 1


Now that you’re busy listening, we hope you can find some new artists and get inspired. ¬†If you still need to get your mix fix, check out last weeks post with an exclusive all vinyl set for BWS¬†from upcoming artist, Compa. ¬†This mix is, truly, not to be missed.

Compa – Bassweight Society Exclusive All Vinyl Mix


Thanks for reading everybody. ¬†Keep on skankin’.

-Bassweight Society