Rewind Wednesday! Old School Jams that Still BUMP!

BIGGUPS Everyone! By now you should be used to our Rewind Wednesdays and hopefully are looking forward to ’em! Sometimes its a stretch to remember the old tunes that were favorites and dance floor smashers, but we at BWS try to refresh our readers with absolute JAMS from the past.

First up needs no explanation, Benga & Coki’s – Night, still crushes dance floors to this day! This tune arguably was one of the first dubstep tunes to cross the boundary from the small niche it was, to a much larger and diverse audience. With one of the catchiest hooks in all of electronic music, it’s no surprise that this tune solidified both Benga and Coki’s names within the dubstep scene. Check it out below.

Second tune is a personal favorite (Shice) and is great for anyone who likes lasers, zaps, beeps, etc. In fact, this is THE tune for lasers, zaps and general mind expansion/explosion. It comes to us from Zomby, remixed by the great Rustie, and is the infamous “Spliff Dub”. It’s sample, which recommends “one spliff a day”  is highly recognizable and frankly speaks the truth. This tune released in 2008 on Hyperdub is an all around slammer, great for kicking back with a spliff at the pad or bouncing around like a madman at the club!

Our third and final tune of the day comes to us from Juju remixed by Komonazmuk in 2007 from SF based label NarcoHZ. “Punks”  was a tune rinsed in many sets of the year and still hopefully gets spins cause its wicked! It’s swinging drums and punchy bass make it an easy decision for any DJ to let it rip on the dancefloor. The tunes darker vibe, pitched down samples and subtle wobble give it great character, and made it an obvious choice for our Rewind Wednesday! Give’r a listen, let us know what you think!

Hope you all liked the post, and DJ’s don’t be afraid to play older tunes! Make sure to check out these artists, as they are still making great music as well. Also check our previous post and make sure you got all of the Christmas Freebies given out over the Holidays, you do not want to miss those!

Skank it EZ!



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