Rewind Wednesday: Classics

What’s up everybody.  We got big selections on deck for the Wednesday Rewind this week.  Tunes that, like the weeks before, have stood the test of time while influencing the many directions that Dubstep has taken.  Some are tunes many of you have in your record box at home, while some of these tunes have been forgotten by a few of you.  Either way they’re classics that we feel each of you need.

The first tune is ‘Girl From Codeine City’ by the duo L-Wiz, hailing from Sweden.  If you’ve ever heard the tune on a proper-loud soundsystem, the quality of production is evident from the start.  The dubwise tune starts out with fat kick drums complimented by a well-defined cracking snare with chimes amongst it.  Most notably, the saxophone riff that comes in at about 1:40 is mesmerizing, pushing the listener to feel that soulful side of Dubstep that so many early tunes kept pushing the bar on.  Released in 2007 as the 10th release on, top contender Caspa’s, Dub Police label, L-Wiz showed they were going to be making a lasting imprint on the scene.  With succesive releases on Swedish label All Out Dubstep, Dub Thiefs (Owned by Dub Police), Redvolume, and Kapsize, L-wiz is still making bangers to this day.

L-Wiz – Girl From Codeine City


The second tune is one released back in 2008 called ‘Airbus’, produced by F-One.  As the first record released on the Dubstar label, label boss F-One wanted to make sure to release a banger to set the scene for future releases to come.  the high-pitched, mid-range wobble is so smooth it makes your body sway in characteristic Dubstep fashion.  For sure a classic for listeners and DJ’s alike.  Guaranteed to make fire inna’ dance.

F-One – Airbus


The next one is an absolute badman riddim produced by Coki, a man stated to make the heaviest basslines of any producer in the scene.  The track, titled ‘Red Eye’, was released in 2007 on Croydon based imprint Big Apple, and is guaranteed to make you skank out.  The mega-bassline fills up any soundsystem and the salt-shaking snares really make the tune come alive.  This one, like above, shares a solid mid-range wobble, not too overdone, but just the right amount that makes the tune extremely memorable.  Red Eye, released as one of four tracks on the Red Eye EP is a necessity to anyone’s records collection!

Coki – Red Eye


The last tune was released in 2008 under Destructive Recordings, titled ‘Rock Bottom’, and is a classic by Caspa & Rusko.  The tune was included in the EPIC Fabriclive 37 mixed by Caspa & Rusko back in 2007.  With title pointing to that of some depressing type of riddim’, the tune actually provides a very uplifting feel to it.  With light synths from the beginning, the tune progresses into the nicest piano riff and a classic sample before the drop.  As the tune continues on you can sit back and relax letting your mind space out on the good moments you’ve had in life.  Truly a feel-good tune.  This is a tune we here at BWS wanted to leave you off with today, hoping to make your day a little bit nicer.

Caspa & Rusko – Rock Bottom


Well that’s it for today. Remember, new or not to Dubstep, keep playing the old classics cause they’ve influenced where we’re at today.  As always, pay your respects to the artists, like their pages, and go see their shows when they come into your town!

Biggups to all the fam!

-Bassweight Society


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