F*ck Yeah Friday: Now Gimme’ Some Cornbread!

What’s good party people! So, the first weekend of the new year, 2012, has arrived. How are you guys going to start the year off? Hopefully within the answer to that question lies layers upon layers of low-end frequencies, nudity, consumption of alcohol, and, of course, spliffs. Pretty much the most crucial components to any weekend for us here at BWS. We hope that all of you had a great NYE, now it’s time to get rollin’ into 2012.

We have some really big plans for BWS this upcoming year, it’s going to be very exciting. We are going to be bringing in a lot of top-notch artists to all of our family that is located in Southern California so, those of you this is applicable to, make sure you keep your eyes on this page in addition to our Facebook page: Bassweight Society. Aside from the talent we will be bringing in, there will also be some re-vamping of our website. Starting next week there will be a post up each day Monday through Friday, so hopefully the two extra days of content will aid the suppression of ya’lls bass addiction. There are many more changes that will be happening this year, many which cannot be disclosed at the moment, so we hope everybody is ready for a sick year!

Now, since all of the formalities are out of the way, let’s get busy.

Today is going to be an eclectic one, as far as the music featured. We have a few songs that we felt needed to be highlighted, and one of them even has a FREE download accompanied with it!

The first tune that we have for you is one done by previously featured artist, Compa. Being nominated in the Dubstepforum awards as ‘Best New Producer’, this man is going to be blowing people away all year long. This tune was featured in Compa’s EXCLUSIVE Bassweight Society mix done back in November, and is titled ‘Signals’. This one is an absolute necessity to any deep-heads collection. This spacey track is most definitely what would be playing prior to stepping into a wormhole through space. It’s reverb-filled snare drums, sweeping risers, and astranged-sounding shakers all leave you in some sort of catatonic state of bewilderment. This one is a free download, so make sure you click that download link after listening. Don’t be afraid to give a shout out to Compa for this one either. Big ups Compa, much respect from us here at BWS.

Compa – Signals

The next track that we have you people is one produced by the almighty himself, Skream. He released word about this production around Christmas time stating it was “like Xmas Day Swagger’s ugly brother”. An absolute old-school jam this one is. The wobble on this tune is so clean and so well-executed it’s no wonder Skream is, without doubt, one of the most prolific artists in the history of Dubstep. Swag out with this track folks! BOOM.

Skream – Scrooge’s Revenge

Third on deck we have a tune from, yet again, Killawatt. Another contender in the ‘Best New Producer’ category in the Dubstepforum awards, Killawatt has one of the most unique and amazing styles we have seen lately. His ability to master any and all types of percussion remain no secret as his songs are layered with the most intricate sequences. The tune that we have you today, titled ‘Numb’, is one of the sickest tracks I (Kinman) have heard the past couple of months. The track is just, so, ….. COMPLETE. I don’t know how else to describe it. I listen to this song and feel nothing but satisfaction the entire time. Make sure that you have your subs turned up for this one, because it is truly one of the heaviest tracks. Massive outs to Killawatt for this all-time production. Hopefully we will be seeing a release sometime soon!

Killawatt – Numb

The final track that we have for ya’ll today is one from some of the heaviest sub-frequency producers out there, Subreachers. This one, despite it’s title, is filled with melody and soul. A real nice way to end any night, or start one for that matter. The catchy vocal sample immediately hooks you while the ravey-stabs and groovy string-riff immerse your mind and soul with nothing but straight VIBES! If you haven’t heard of these guys, you NEED to get on their level. Absolute DON-like material right here. Big up to the Subreachers! P.s. THIS ONE IS FREE TOO! Check the description for the DL link.

Subreachers – Bastards


Alright everybody that’s the word for today. We hope you enjoy the sounds and free downloads if you haven’t already copped them for yourself. Have a great weekend people! Let your mind be the guide.

To the Gods.

-Bassweight Society


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