Truth – ‘Iron Lung/Medusa’ [NMN007]


EZ fam’, hope you’ve all been well since the last time I checked in here!  I’ve got a rather large release to highlight today, coming from the New Moon Recordings imprint based out of Poland.  The label has been putting out phenomenal music since it’s inception towards the latter part of 2010; signing artists like Killawatt & Thelem, Biome, Perverse, and Phaeleh.  Their seventh release is in the form of a 12″ single from the globally acclaimed duo – Truth.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these two have perfectly embodied, in my mind, how to go about taking an underground sound and creating a seismic commotion within the mainstream market.  With recent endeavors ranging from launching a new label – Defy Recordings, covering two part of the globe at any given time, launching a club monthly here in the Golden State (Deep, Dark, & Dangerous in San Francisco, CA), and putting out a steady string of releases, it is truly inspiring to see what the team’s evolution has accomplished thus far.

Truth’s first release for 2013 finds itself lurking among the outermost fringes of sanity, plunging through sadistic atmospheres that find themselves engulfed with spacious drum grooves and tectonic sub-pressure.  ‘Iron Lung’ sees the duo incorporate their notorious affinity to vocal progressions into a seemingly void realm of swinging half-step percussion and sinister horns.  ‘Medusa’ pulls out a much more desolate aesthetic than the former, with drawn out pads, pulverant bass lines, and elusive atmospheric scores that have a dissociative effect on the mind.  The power of the sub built for this beat is genuinely one of the most momentous I’ve heard, I can only imagine the feeling running through my flesh when standing in front of a top-notch club system.  This track is a perpetual state of falling, through a dissonant abyss of sound design.


The release is set to drop Monday, March 25th, and will be available at all major record retailers, both physical and digital.  Links below.






I’ll catch you next time, hope you enjoy the sounds!

One love.

– Kinman

Free Music From Truth & DJ Madd + More.

Bless up everybody.  There has been a lot of free music given out by top-notch producers lately so I figured that I would focus today’s post around that!  Who doesn’t like free music, right?

The first tracks I want to highlight are off the free album that Truth has put together to launch their new label, Defy Recordings.  This duo has honestly been on one of the most consistent rampages I’ve seen.  Whether it be their productions, their performances, podcasts, or the infiltration of San Francisco, CA’s streets, these guys have been carving out a very large name for themselves, and on a global scale.  BWS has been blessed enough to host Truth (Andre) at one of our events and it was epic!  Definitely a night that Santa Barbara still talks about.  The two tracks that have been released as an album sampler are ‘Gaza’ and ‘Rain Dancer ft. Yayne‘.  If you don’t follow them on Soundcloud, make sure to get on your profile and do so!  They have released remixes by J:Kenzo and Perverse exclusively to their Soundcloud followers.  Download the tracks below and make sure to give a massive shout to these boys.  An album of this caliber for free is genuinely one of the nicest things I have seen any producer do – so please make your gratitude known to them!



This next free bit is a remix from my all-time favorite producer, DJ Madd.  Ever since I discovered his productions in 2008, I have been blown away by his sound and versatility.  Like many producers, he started by making drum and bass and naturally progressed into dubstep.  His productions are unrivaled in my opinion.  The man makes the cleanest, most diverse, and most powerful beats that circulate.  This remix he did of Congo Natty – Marcus Garvey is another shining example of his musical mastery.  This is an absolute spliff riddim’ that keeps things dubwise and deep.  Don’t sleep on this one!


Alright that’s it for the freebies.

This next bit is a remix that Distance has done for Submotion Orchestra, taking on the tune ‘Blindspot’.  Distance takes a different take on things with this track, still ending up with phenomenal piece of music.  Have a listen below.  Really excited for this one to release.


The last piece for today is a mix built just Bassweight Society.  A good good friend of mine, that I’ve been mixing with for going on 4 years now, has just recorded, hands down, one of the most energetic drum and bass mixes I’ve heard in a looooooong time.  The track selection, placement, and execution is all spot-on.  Loads of fresh releases as well as a few older gems.  I really urge you to set the time aside for this one!  All vinyl, all love.  Big up Nate.


Big up fam’.  That’s all for today, probably for the next 10 days as I will be leaving for a trip tomorrow afternoon.  I wish you all the best!  All you Outlookers, I’m obscenely jealous, but am already looking forward to next years 🙂  Bless.

To the gods.