[FIRST LISTEN] Uprise Audio X Artikal Music

uprise audio

artikal music

Bless up fam’

I know it’s been a decent minute before I’ve upped any content, and I apologize for that, I just don’t have much free time with my schedule and it’s currently being utilized for brainstorming new ideas for the website – coming soon.  I appreciate all your patience and understanding on the matter and can assure you that once the new site is set forth things will be in FULL swing again.

Anyways, I’ve got a very special feature today, that will make anybody unable to make the Uprise Audio X Artikal Music night in East Village a couple weeks back very happy!  I’ve been speaking with Eddy about uploading the audio to Youtube, and after the strenuous process that Uprise went through to get things ready, they’re finally set to go!  Unless you’ve been browsing the Uprise Audio Youtube channel this morning, nobody has seen or heard these bits.  Bassweight Society has been given the honor of announcing them to bassweight enthusiasts worldwide.

Anytime a bill is filled with musicians as solid as Seven, Kenzo, Mosaix, Quantum Soul, Wayfarer, and Taiko, listeners take heed to the seriousness of the night.  Everybody knew that it was going to be a magical night, and although the live stream wasn’t functioning properly during the show, we now have the audio to reinforce that presumption.  Clear your plans for the day, or tell your boss to fuck off, because you have a  lot of sonic battery to endure 🙂














WOIIIIIIIIIIIII!  You still alive?  That was some serious heat, if you were able to play through those videos, mimicking the way things went down that night, out to you!  It just further cements my envy of those living across the pond, and the scene that has been cultivated there.  I hope you enjoyed the sounds!  Be sure to check out the Uprise and Artikal pages below if you’re not already involved!




Big love to Eddy, Verity, and all the Uprise and Artikal family.  I’ll catch you next time.  Long live BASSWEIGHT.

One love.

– Kinman


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