HyperColour, Octane & DLR, Killawatt, & Blackwax

Big up fam’!  I feel like it’s been too long since I’ve gotten up here and thrown down some words – no esta bueno.  Regardless, I hope everybody is feeling fine and cruising through the week nice and steady.  We at Bassweight Society had quite an epic weekend.  Seven came through Santa Barbara to throw down at our monthly co-hosted with Santa Babylon and BOY did he throw down some heat.  Never have I seen Santa Barbara so amped on the deeper sounds, it was truly an amazing experience.  A club packed wall-to-wall just skanking to 4×4 tribal bassweight music is not something that our city is very accustomed to.  Gotta give one more shout to all the heads that rolled through and made the night what it was, WE LOVE YOU!    Bless up to the MC Hoodzpah and Sciphen for your support in the booth!  A massive shout is also owed to Mr. Seven for giving the people dem’ what they wanted to hear, and doing it inna’ proper fashion.  The Bassweight-Babylon connect is growing strong and hopefully we can keep this momentum going to keep bringing out these amazing artists.

Today we got a few different artists to showcase who have been tearing up the scene lately.  Bless up and enjoy the sounds 🙂

First to highlight is up-and-coming producer HyperColour.  Releasing his ‘Marvin’ EP just over a week ago with our friends at Inna Riddim Records, HyperColour is sure to be a producer that sticks around for a bit.  The EP contains three tunes, two of which stand out to me a lot.  The first one I want to mention is a track called ‘Fools Gold’.  This tune is definitely a big one for the ravers, bringing in classic 90’s style vocal samples, sirens, and quite the bouncy drum sequencing.  The shakers give it a nice jungle/breakbeat-esque atmosphere that keeps the feet moving and the big bassline keeps the soul warm.  The other tune off this EP that I wanted to point out is ‘No One Else’.  Again, HyperColour lacing your eardrums with some sexy pre-millenium house vocal cuts to set the vibes right for the dance.  The groove in this track is what really got me moving.  The intricate placement of the kick, snare, and hats respective to the walking bassline puts some love into your hips, keeping the vibes ill.  Have a listen for yourselves below…

HyperColour – Fool’s Gold (Inna Riddim Records)


HyperColour – No One Else (Inna Riddim Records)


This next bit is from the hand of, arguably, one of the best producers in the deep scene.  I’m sure it’s no secret to the BWS regulars that I love Killawatts music.  The man pushes boundaries, has magnificent production skills, and a work ethic that many producers can only dream of.  Tune after tune after tune, this guy.  His most recent upload to Soundcloud is a tune called ‘Foreign Accent’ and is definitely one for those with a proper sound at their dispense.  The sub-bass on this track will blow the hat right off your head.  Per standard, Matt brings crisp drums, unrivaled atmospherics, and intelligent progressions.  Would love to see a release on this one.

Killawatt – Foreign Accent


Up next is a tune in the 170 arena from the badmen behind the moniker Octane & DLR.  These guys are some of the sickest drum and bass producers around – and if you’ve heard ‘Red Tape’ you should know they can throw down a proper 140 beat, too.  This tune is forthcoming off their album titled ‘Method In The Madness’ due out on Dispatch Recordings, which is a 17-track project due out September 3rd, 2012.  The sample today is a track titled ‘Murmur’ and features co-production by Break.  A beautifully laced vocal intro that breaks into an energy-drenched stomper.  The control that these two exhibit over the bassline is top-notch, add that to Break’s arsenal of technique and skill – BLADOWW!

Octane & DLR ft. Break – Murmur (Forthcoming Dispatch)


The final tunes for today are favorites of mine, no doubt!  I just recently discovered these guys a week or two ago via the badman Alex Pitts who runs AJP (If ya don’ know AJP, GET TO KNOW it here).  The UK duo, Blackwax, has taken on their own front in darker-electronic music.  I have yet to hear a tune of their that I don’t like!  The tunes that I want to highlight today are a bit old so some of you have probably already heard them but if there’s anybody out there like me who hasn’t heard their sound, I want to introduce them. First track is titled ‘Surface’ and is most definitely a tune I wish I had on wax this past Friday night.  One of the skankiest beats I’ve heard in a LONG minute!  I highly recommend making room to dance wherever you decide to listen to this one!!  The second track is called ‘Offkey’ and, again, blows my mind.  The percussion variation utilized in both of these track is f*cking mental.  There’s also a free tune below called ‘Trapped Dub’.  It’s a very recent giveaway through XLR8R (here).

Blackwax – Surface (Tube 10 Records)


Blackwax – Offkey (Tube 10 Records)


Blackwax – Trapped Dub (FREE DOWNLOAD)


Hope you enjoy the sounds!!  Bless up fam’.  We’ll see you next time.

To the gods.



Cato’s Funky Steppa EP, Camu, Stigma, & Gestalt

Eassssyyyyyyy people.  Hope this post is reaching you in good health and spirits!  I am absolutely exhausted from watching Breakage last night in Hollywood.   Up into the early hours of the morning.  Every time I see that man my level of respect jumps up immensely.  He is truly one of the sickest producers/DJ’s in the game.  His style of music is so unique, constantly coming at you with these huge 4×4 kick drums and some of the most ravey synths I have ever heard.  If any of you haven’t been lucky enough to see one his performances I HIGHLY recommend grabbing a ticket to his show next time he comes to your town.  He went into some jungle last night for about 15 minutes too and it was just straight vibes man.  It was really sick to see all these little kids who, for the most part, didn’t even know who he was just go nuts.  I mean honestly I don’t think you can resist brukking out to your fullest potential when he hops on the decks, his skills are unmatched.  Big up to the Bassrush crew for bringing him out to the Funktion Wednesday’s, BWS was there is full effect and had a blast.  Tonight, if you’re in the LA area I would highly recommend checking out Respect at the Dragonfly as Atlantic Connection will be headlining and that performance will most definitely be worth checking out!

Now, let’s get down to today’s music.  First up we have another release coming from the homies over at Inna Riddim.  The Funky Steppa EP, coming from new found talentCato, is filled with 4 tracks of varying stylistic approach, all real quality productions.  Personally, my favorite tune on this release is ‘Dizzy Cow’.  This tune comes with a mad funky drop that sets the dance up perfectly for footwork business!  Cato is definitely a guy to keep your eyes on because it’s very likely that he will be making big moves this year.  Very shortly after Inna Riddim snagged him up for this EP, N-Type took notice of Cato and signed the track ‘Who’s Cato’ to release on his 100% Pure Dubstep vol.2 compilation that was released March of last year.  The Funky Steppa EP will be available for download at all major digital outlets such as Juno, Beatport, and Itunes.  Take a listen below to preview and show Cato some love!

Cato – Funky Steppa EP (INNAR009)


Also, check out a couple of releases that Cato has due out on Sin City, BANGERS.

Cato – Face The System (Forthcoming Sin City Records)


Cato – Frenzy (Forthcoming Sin City Records)


The next track that we have to showcase is one from Camu.  When I first came across this guy, I expressed that his music the definition of “meditating on bassweight’.  This track, called ‘Tajmi’, is no different.  He layers up the track with beautifully sequenced drums, eastern vibe vocal chants, and distant synths that add an ambiance to the track that is so deep.  This guy really needs to get more exposure.  I mean, it could be a longshot, but his vibes are so suited for the Deep Medi imprint, in my opinion.  Hopefully his sounds will blow up because the more effort that this fellow is able to put into his productions the more our ears will be blessed.  Lend an ear below to this gem.

Camu – Tajmi


The last track of the day is one coming from two up-and-coming producers that go by the names StigmaGestalt.  The tune, titled ‘Tribes’, is a really deep lurker!  Comes hard with a growling bassline that’s fitted to scare the children away, no doubt.  The vocals that come in at the beginning immediately hook you and transport your mind into a very renaissance-esque vibe that I envision myself marching to battle with.  Haha, man that probably sounds weird but, it’s the truth.  Once tune progresses into it’s climax, percussion floods the airwaves and the eyes down business begins.  Again, these are two producers that you should really keep your ears on because if they continue to produce tunes like this they are going to get noticed quicker than you can say “bassweight is king”.  Listen below and make sure to visit their Facebook pages and show them support.  There are some free 320’s on Stigma’s page for those who ‘like’ it, so get amongst it people!

Stigma & Gestalt – Tribes (Unsigned)


Alright that’s it for today, like I said, I’m exhausted and need to go to sleep haha.  Check back tomorrow as Shice will be bringing some more heat to the table.  Make sure you stay locked on this page because we have an interview with an artist that is of the highest caliber coming your way, as always :).  Bless.


To the gods.

-Bassweight Society (Kinman)

John Matrix: The Pentinent Man EP (INNA008)

What up people.  Eluded by the title, today, we have a look into Inna Riddim’s newest addition to the roster, John Matrix.  The Pentiment Man EP will hit the stores today, February 10, so make sure to snag your copy of it!  Hailing from Manchester, Matrix brings heavy interpretations of the dark, minimalist styles within dubstep.   Having a well-rooted involvement in the Manchester scene with things like his earlier days on Unity Radio and his current residency with the Deadbeats Collective, Matrix is a well-seasoned contender.  He has dabbled in producing a plethera of styles within the bass scene which has given him the ability to be very versatile with his incorporation of influences.  This EP is filled with rolling low-end frequencies, shattering snare hits, and killer soundscapes.  Setting the mark as Inna Riddims 8th release (INNA008), Matrix exhibits a very complimenting style to the labels vibe.  ‘Ain’t Changing’ starts things off.  Coming at you right from the beginning with an energetic vocal sample that prefaces the tunes presence.  Nothing but murking about with this one.  ‘Pentinent Man’ follows ‘Ain’t Changing’, and is a very spacious production.  Brings you back a few years, no doubt.  The alternating snares add a really sick effect, too.  The 3rd tune, ‘Hunter’, brings out more of a extraterrestrial vibe with it.  Swaying synths, pumping sub hits, and half-step stomps, another classic styled production!  Matrix finished his release off with the tune ‘Blissfully Unaware’.  This tune definitely sits apart from the rest of the EP.  A much more upbeat vibe with with higher levels of the frequency spectrum being utilized.  Honestly, in my opinion, this tune gives me the same vibes as Kryptic Minds remix of DJ Madd’s ‘Dub Marine’.  Big ups on this one!

Below you will find the preview of the Pentiment Man EP.  You can pick this up at any of the major sites like Juno, Beatport, and Itunes.  Check out the Inna Riddim store for purchase too!    He also built a promo mix for this release, composed primarily of his own productions.  The mix is available for download off of the Inna Riddim website so if you’re vibin’, then snag it on up!  You can find the mix’s tracklist/download link below.  If you want to check out press release put out by the label, check it here.

John Matrix Penitentiary Mix (Pentinent Man EP Promo)

Purchase Pentinent Man EP:

Inna Riddim Record Shop

Now, for some GOODIES!  The man has been generous enough to offer many of his tunes as FREE downloads, so make sure to grab them while they’re still floating around.  This is another artist to keep your eyes on during 2012.  He has showed some promising innovation with this release and hopefully keeps it up!  Below you will find 3 free tunes from John Matrix.  All of them are quality bass productions.

John Matrix – Duppy ( FREE DOWNLOAD )

John Matrix – D.O.D ( FREE DOWNLOAD )

John Matrix – Boxing ( FREE DOWNLOAD )


Alright people, hopefully this guys music will set you off into the weekend, sittin’ pretty.  Next week we have another really big treat for you.  A UK label has teamed up with us to give you a 5 track EP for FREE on Valentines day so make sure you watch this site!  I’ve already had a chance to preview the tunes and they are all really sick!  Enjoy your weekend everybody! Bless.

To the gods.

-Bassweight Society (Kinman)

Exclusive ALL-VINYL Mix & Interview w/Compa: The UK’s Quick Rising Newcomer

Boy do we have a special treat for the Bassweight family today!  It is our pleasure and, most importantly, our honor to get words from the man himself, Compa.  Since his first commercial appearance on GetDarker TV, March of this year, with Joe Nice and Watson, Compa has been blowing people away with his perpetually dark and heavy interpretations of the 140 arena.  Already gaining residency at the ‘Just Skank‘ nights in Manchester, he has played next to a countless number of Dubstep icons.  Compa’s unrivaled rise in the ranks stands tall and is backed with a nearly infinite arsenal of dubplates.  This is a man who truly embodies the vinyl culture, sacrificing his appetite, by funding the custom pressing of his acetate.  The time and dedication that this man puts into his productions, DJing, and appearances is truly inspiring.  On top of his already MASSIVE plate, Compa makes time to host his radio sessions, every Wednesday 2-4pm, on Sub.fm.  So make sure you tune in to hear the freshest of ‘dubplates’ from many prolific artists as well as newcomers.  Within his debut year Will has already managed to throw two huge releases under his belt with ‘Dreams/Them Dogs’ (Inna Riddim Records) and ‘Aftermath/Darker Observations'(Futureworks Music).  Listening to Compa’s music will take your mind through a history lesson on Dubstep as his sounds can be categorized with those of Mala, Loefah, and even early Skream.  The greatest thing about his sounds is that they are as fresh and new as they are classic and timeless.  Rather than just imitate the sounds of Dubsteps foundation, Compa has been able to build upon those foundations with the innovative and unique attributes in his music.  There is definitely no slowing down for this newcomer and only time will tell the amazing things that this english prodigy will have. Find out more about Compa and what he has in store for the future as we have a chat:
BWS:  For those who don’t know, can you give us a quick rundown on yourself.
  • COMPA: I’m Compa. I’m a Dubstep music producer from Manchester. I’m originally from slightly further up north, A small town called Clitheroe to be precise, and right now I’m studying music production at university.

BWS:  What in your life led you to DJing and producing?  Have you always been around music, or did it just hit you one day?

  • COMPA:  When I was growing up, age 13 at youth club, I started Djing.   Later that year I bought turntables.  I was obsessed with playing music.  It came from nowhere.  None of my family were musicians, it just came natural.  At the time, everyone was playing house music, and later when I met other DJ’s they were playing Drum N Bass music.  I just followed on.  I started buying records and religiously attending youth club to mix weekely.  I’ve never stopped.

BWS:   Being an upcoming producer/dj establishing himself in the uk scene with some of the major heavyweights, yet at the moment being relatively unknown in the US, what are your hopes over the next year as far as spreading your music in the US and possibly gigging over here?

  • COMPA:  If I’m honest, I don’t know really how people end up hearing music and my name.  I get people from all over the world now asking about my music and I just feel like saying “Hold on, How do you even know about me?”.  But I’m pleased and blessed have come even this far so quickly.  Over the course of 2012 there will be more music made as standard, I’m not going to slow down.  So hopefully some of the music will be well received in the U.S through people like yourselves, especially after the releases I have planned for next year come out.  I’m hoping to join an agency over the next 12 months, if I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity, who I hope will be able to help me travel a little bit more internationally.  Up to now I’ve only played one gig outside of the UK.  That was in Sweden for the ‘Dubstep Bastards’ club night.  I have been talking to a few promoters in the U.S about coming over but let’s just have fate do it’s thing … (and if you’re reading this, book me!)

BWS:   Who are a few artists that you most look up to in the scene and why?

  • COMPA:  I’ve looked up to Mala and Kode9 for years because their music was the first Dubstep music that I heard so their influence was the original influence on me.  The sounds they use, the music they make – it’s all perfect to me.  Very inspiring, but recently I’ve been trying to concentrate on building my own ‘sound’.  If I was to list all my inspirations we would be here for a long time, but to list a few producers off the top of my head who’s music I really respect and enjoy; Goth-Trad, Burial, Loefah, Coki, Tunnidge, Cyrus, Vivek, Skream, Benga, Distance, Breakage, Pinch, Kromestar, Headhunter, Youngsta and Icicle.  Nearly all of which I’ve already been lucky enough to have played alongside (obviously not Burial though unfortunately).
BWS:  Being a resident at the ‘Just Skank’ nights places you on stage with some of the most prolific and respected artists in the Dubstep scene (Mala & Coki, Cyrus, Pinch, Vivek, Goth-Trad, Cluekid and Kromestar just to name a few).  Did you ever imagine that you would be in the position you are today?
  • COMPA:  Not at all.  I’ve always been so thankful to Pete and Jorge at ‘Just Skank’ for having me as a resident.  They’ve done me so many favours, and if not for them I wouldn’t have been able play alongside so many of the producers who inspire me, like you’ve listed above.

BWS:  Given that you’re one of the last DJ’s to spin only vinyl, or acetate more accurately, do you take this same analog approach to your productions?  Do you use hardware synths and sequencers, or do you handle your writing within the computer?

  • COMPA:  I don’t use any analogue equipment.  I can’t afford it if I’m honest.  Every spare penny goes on cutting acetates.  Sometimes I even walk a few miles to University and go without food if I know I have to cut dubplates before a certain date.  I’ve kind of settled into a piece of toast for breakfast and a ready meal for tea.  To answer the question: I made all my music inside Logic. 100% software.

BWS:  What are three vinyl’s that came out in the last 12 months that are needed in any person’s collection? No right or wrong answer here mate, just a matter of preference.
  • COMPA:  The last 12 months have seen a lot of music that has really inspired me being released, by a lot of great producers, established and up-and-comers, particularly in the early stages of this year on Deep Medi.  In fact, all three of these releases have come out on the Deep Medi imprint.  The label has always been number one for me in terms of consistency and quality, each and every.
  1. Mala – Return II Space (DMZLP001)
  2. Vivek – Eyes Down (MEDI042)
  3. Goth-Trad – Sunbeam (MEDI048)

BWS:  Radio is a great way to reach a large audience, it gives you a chance to play your new dubs as well as play out the artists you support. How has having your own radio show benefitted you and enabled you to network your way into the scene?

  • COMPA:  I’ve been able to play people the music I love as well as play people new music, and I love to be able to actually talk and interact with the people who feel the same about the Dubstep music that I play.  It’s also been a great way for people who don’t know what I’m about yet to hear me do my thing live and hear the stuff that I play in a typical DJ set.  If you didn’t already know I play on Sub FM every Wednesday at 2-4pm GMT.

BWS:  You recently played on the world-famous Rinse Fm down in London, The radio responsible for breaking Wiley’s career, as well as helping Skream, Benga, Youngsta and Hatcha become famous, and the same station that holds shows by Distance, Plastician, Oneman and Youngsta, How did it feel to visit the studio and how has the appearance benefitted you?

  • COMPA:  It was surreal.  I wasn’t even nervous because I just felt so honoured and blessed to be able to visit the studio. meet some of the people that I look up to face-to-face and play a set on the radio.  Playing on Rinse FM was a lifetime aspiration, I can’t believe I’ve had the chance to do that this early on in my career.  Truly blessed.  Big thanks to Ben who sorted it for me.  After the show my Twitter exploded, as did the Rinse FM twitter when we were in the studio and I’ve had lots more positive reactions my music.  A few bookings came off the back of the airtime too, which was great.

BWS:  What’s are your favourite tracks at the moment in dubstep and outside of dubstep?

  • COMPA:  Well I pretty much religiously listen to Rinse FM and Sub FM ever day, but I’ve been listening to a lot of Hip-Hop like Nas, Redman, Doom, Jay-Z, De la soul and Gangstarr.  On top of a lot of Techno and Funky.  I’m always listening to everything really.  I love Funk and Soul, too.

BWS:   Gotta say, Dem A Talk is an absolute gem. Great to hear that reggae chant throughout the tune accompanied by low-end pressure. Has reggae played an influential roll in your musical development?  If so, what artists are big inspirations to you and can we expect to hear more reggae influenced riddims in the future?

  • COMPA:  If I’m honest I don’t really listen to much Reggae music at all and I never have.  I wish I could say that Reggae and Dub music has influenced me because I know originally when Dubstep music began being produced there a Dub element to the sound and half-step tempo but, no.  Originally I played drums at a very young age and I was into Punk Rock, Metal and then like I mentioned, I got into House and Electronic music in general and it all progressed from there until I ended up falling in love with Dubstep music.

BWS:  What should people be on the look out for, as far as upcoming releases for the remainder of 2011 and early 2012?

  • COMPA:  This year, nothing else coming out.  Next year I’ve got three 12″ releases planned so far.  One of which will be a bootleg coming out on vinyl-only, without a digital release.  One making my debut vinyl release on Boka Records and one on Area Recordings.  Really looking forward to seeing those releases come out.  Hopefully next year I’ll be able to release some other bits too.  Only the future will tell.

BWS:   Where can people hear more of your music?

  • COMPA:  Soundcloud is good (Link Below).  But live is best on a good sound system.  I handle bookings myself at the minute so if you’d like me to play for you, feel free to get in touch via email at: willcompa@hotmail.com.
Thanks for the feature.  Much Respect.
Well a BIG UP to Compa for taking the time to answer our questions!  Below you will find links to Compa’s Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, and Personal website.  Please support by visiting his pages and listening to his music!  Make sure you keep your eyes open for those releases due out early 2012.  To really end things with a bang, we have an EXCLUSIVE mix from Compa done primarily with ‘dubs’ and entirely on acetate!!!  An absolutely MASSIVE shout to Compa for taking the time to put together this  true badman rinse out.  Sit back with the subs ready to FLEX.
Compa – Exclusive Bassweight Society Mix/30 November 2011
1. Mala – Return II Space (Deep Medi Musik)
2. Compa – Dem A Talk (Dub)
3. Biome – Untitled (Dub)
4. Compa – Sentence (Forthcoming Boka)
5. Compa – Signals (Dub)
6. Compa – Before U (Dub)
7. Coki – Gobin (Ringo)
8. Subreachers – Tidals Vip (Dub)
9. Biome – Untitled
10. J:Kenzo – Ruffhouse (Forthcoming Tempa)
-Bassweight Society (Kinman)