John Matrix: The Pentinent Man EP (INNA008)

What up people.  Eluded by the title, today, we have a look into Inna Riddim’s newest addition to the roster, John Matrix.  The Pentiment Man EP will hit the stores today, February 10, so make sure to snag your copy of it!  Hailing from Manchester, Matrix brings heavy interpretations of the dark, minimalist styles within dubstep.   Having a well-rooted involvement in the Manchester scene with things like his earlier days on Unity Radio and his current residency with the Deadbeats Collective, Matrix is a well-seasoned contender.  He has dabbled in producing a plethera of styles within the bass scene which has given him the ability to be very versatile with his incorporation of influences.  This EP is filled with rolling low-end frequencies, shattering snare hits, and killer soundscapes.  Setting the mark as Inna Riddims 8th release (INNA008), Matrix exhibits a very complimenting style to the labels vibe.  ‘Ain’t Changing’ starts things off.  Coming at you right from the beginning with an energetic vocal sample that prefaces the tunes presence.  Nothing but murking about with this one.  ‘Pentinent Man’ follows ‘Ain’t Changing’, and is a very spacious production.  Brings you back a few years, no doubt.  The alternating snares add a really sick effect, too.  The 3rd tune, ‘Hunter’, brings out more of a extraterrestrial vibe with it.  Swaying synths, pumping sub hits, and half-step stomps, another classic styled production!  Matrix finished his release off with the tune ‘Blissfully Unaware’.  This tune definitely sits apart from the rest of the EP.  A much more upbeat vibe with with higher levels of the frequency spectrum being utilized.  Honestly, in my opinion, this tune gives me the same vibes as Kryptic Minds remix of DJ Madd’s ‘Dub Marine’.  Big ups on this one!

Below you will find the preview of the Pentiment Man EP.  You can pick this up at any of the major sites like Juno, Beatport, and Itunes.  Check out the Inna Riddim store for purchase too!    He also built a promo mix for this release, composed primarily of his own productions.  The mix is available for download off of the Inna Riddim website so if you’re vibin’, then snag it on up!  You can find the mix’s tracklist/download link below.  If you want to check out press release put out by the label, check it here.

John Matrix Penitentiary Mix (Pentinent Man EP Promo)

Purchase Pentinent Man EP:

Inna Riddim Record Shop

Now, for some GOODIES!  The man has been generous enough to offer many of his tunes as FREE downloads, so make sure to grab them while they’re still floating around.  This is another artist to keep your eyes on during 2012.  He has showed some promising innovation with this release and hopefully keeps it up!  Below you will find 3 free tunes from John Matrix.  All of them are quality bass productions.

John Matrix – Duppy ( FREE DOWNLOAD )

John Matrix – D.O.D ( FREE DOWNLOAD )

John Matrix – Boxing ( FREE DOWNLOAD )


Alright people, hopefully this guys music will set you off into the weekend, sittin’ pretty.  Next week we have another really big treat for you.  A UK label has teamed up with us to give you a 5 track EP for FREE on Valentines day so make sure you watch this site!  I’ve already had a chance to preview the tunes and they are all really sick!  Enjoy your weekend everybody! Bless.

To the gods.

-Bassweight Society (Kinman)


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