HyperColour, Octane & DLR, Killawatt, & Blackwax

Big up fam’!  I feel like it’s been too long since I’ve gotten up here and thrown down some words – no esta bueno.  Regardless, I hope everybody is feeling fine and cruising through the week nice and steady.  We at Bassweight Society had quite an epic weekend.  Seven came through Santa Barbara to throw down at our monthly co-hosted with Santa Babylon and BOY did he throw down some heat.  Never have I seen Santa Barbara so amped on the deeper sounds, it was truly an amazing experience.  A club packed wall-to-wall just skanking to 4×4 tribal bassweight music is not something that our city is very accustomed to.  Gotta give one more shout to all the heads that rolled through and made the night what it was, WE LOVE YOU!    Bless up to the MC Hoodzpah and Sciphen for your support in the booth!  A massive shout is also owed to Mr. Seven for giving the people dem’ what they wanted to hear, and doing it inna’ proper fashion.  The Bassweight-Babylon connect is growing strong and hopefully we can keep this momentum going to keep bringing out these amazing artists.

Today we got a few different artists to showcase who have been tearing up the scene lately.  Bless up and enjoy the sounds 🙂

First to highlight is up-and-coming producer HyperColour.  Releasing his ‘Marvin’ EP just over a week ago with our friends at Inna Riddim Records, HyperColour is sure to be a producer that sticks around for a bit.  The EP contains three tunes, two of which stand out to me a lot.  The first one I want to mention is a track called ‘Fools Gold’.  This tune is definitely a big one for the ravers, bringing in classic 90’s style vocal samples, sirens, and quite the bouncy drum sequencing.  The shakers give it a nice jungle/breakbeat-esque atmosphere that keeps the feet moving and the big bassline keeps the soul warm.  The other tune off this EP that I wanted to point out is ‘No One Else’.  Again, HyperColour lacing your eardrums with some sexy pre-millenium house vocal cuts to set the vibes right for the dance.  The groove in this track is what really got me moving.  The intricate placement of the kick, snare, and hats respective to the walking bassline puts some love into your hips, keeping the vibes ill.  Have a listen for yourselves below…

HyperColour – Fool’s Gold (Inna Riddim Records)


HyperColour – No One Else (Inna Riddim Records)


This next bit is from the hand of, arguably, one of the best producers in the deep scene.  I’m sure it’s no secret to the BWS regulars that I love Killawatts music.  The man pushes boundaries, has magnificent production skills, and a work ethic that many producers can only dream of.  Tune after tune after tune, this guy.  His most recent upload to Soundcloud is a tune called ‘Foreign Accent’ and is definitely one for those with a proper sound at their dispense.  The sub-bass on this track will blow the hat right off your head.  Per standard, Matt brings crisp drums, unrivaled atmospherics, and intelligent progressions.  Would love to see a release on this one.

Killawatt – Foreign Accent


Up next is a tune in the 170 arena from the badmen behind the moniker Octane & DLR.  These guys are some of the sickest drum and bass producers around – and if you’ve heard ‘Red Tape’ you should know they can throw down a proper 140 beat, too.  This tune is forthcoming off their album titled ‘Method In The Madness’ due out on Dispatch Recordings, which is a 17-track project due out September 3rd, 2012.  The sample today is a track titled ‘Murmur’ and features co-production by Break.  A beautifully laced vocal intro that breaks into an energy-drenched stomper.  The control that these two exhibit over the bassline is top-notch, add that to Break’s arsenal of technique and skill – BLADOWW!

Octane & DLR ft. Break – Murmur (Forthcoming Dispatch)


The final tunes for today are favorites of mine, no doubt!  I just recently discovered these guys a week or two ago via the badman Alex Pitts who runs AJP (If ya don’ know AJP, GET TO KNOW it here).  The UK duo, Blackwax, has taken on their own front in darker-electronic music.  I have yet to hear a tune of their that I don’t like!  The tunes that I want to highlight today are a bit old so some of you have probably already heard them but if there’s anybody out there like me who hasn’t heard their sound, I want to introduce them. First track is titled ‘Surface’ and is most definitely a tune I wish I had on wax this past Friday night.  One of the skankiest beats I’ve heard in a LONG minute!  I highly recommend making room to dance wherever you decide to listen to this one!!  The second track is called ‘Offkey’ and, again, blows my mind.  The percussion variation utilized in both of these track is f*cking mental.  There’s also a free tune below called ‘Trapped Dub’.  It’s a very recent giveaway through XLR8R (here).

Blackwax – Surface (Tube 10 Records)


Blackwax – Offkey (Tube 10 Records)


Blackwax – Trapped Dub (FREE DOWNLOAD)


Hope you enjoy the sounds!!  Bless up fam’.  We’ll see you next time.

To the gods.



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