Dubtek – Extension/Plus Ultra [UA001]

“Badman Eddy Woo, aka Seven, has teamed up with Subculture Artists main woman behind the scenes Verity to launch Uprise Audio.  I shouldn’t have to give an introduction for Seven because the man has been a don to the scene for over a decade, whether it be his early drum and bass or more recent dubstep productions.  Verity is woman who has a work ethic that most can only aspire to.  Between her involvement with Subculture Artists and ICU Audio, working a studio, and NOW Uprise Audio, I often find myself wondering how the f*ck she does all this when there is only 24 hours in a day.  I mean, seriously though?”

You may recognize the above caption from a feature a little ways back that introduced the label Uprise Audio.  If you missed it, you can check it here.  Well, yesterday marked the official release of the first 12″ in their soon to be massive catalog.  You have had to been sleeping under a rock for the past month if you haven’t heard this being played at some point by figures such as Youngsta, N-Type, and J:Kenzo!  With Seven’s meticulous attention to detail and Verity’s astounding work ethic you can be sure that every single release that will be coming from this imprint is going to be top-notch.  002 is already lined up from Ayslum (1/2 of Vicious Circle), and both of the tunes on that one are just as beastly at Dubtek’s 001 release.  This is seriously an imprint to closely monitor – I know I will be!  Anyways, here’s what the PR has to say about 001:

A|| Extension

As soon as Extension starts, the captivating and very haunting intro lead sound commands your complete attention. Then commences the groove driven weighty journey which unfolds. Just when you think u have heard all the track has to offer, tiny percussion changes alter the groove completely, leaving you in an aural daze of technicality and brilliance.


AA|| Plus Ultra

Plus Ultra is a groove based dancefloor killer. It’s clever vocal and leading intro bring you to a climactic bass explosion designed to tear up dancefloors and dominate any double drop mix. It’s laced with intelligent sound responses which weave in and out of the bass groove all throughout the composition giving the listener a detailed soundscape for ones mind to get lost in.





Chemical Records



That’s all for today fam’.  Next week is lined up with massive releases so expect to see a handful of reviews here on the site.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Bless.

To the gods.



Introducing: Uprise Audio

EZ fam’.  It’s going to be an intense couple of weeks coming up for the soundsystem culture.  We got Outlook Festival and immediately following, Dimensions Festival.  Both of these festivals have become pinnacle events for various lovers of bass.  Catered to Dub heads, House heads, Drum and Bass heads, Dubstep heads, whatever heads.  For those of you lucky enough to experience these events, my hat is off to you.  Despite being accommodated to do coverage for the US, I was unable to afford the flights out there – which has been killing me.  Next year though, 100% BWS will be there with T-shirts, stickers, and the whole nine yards :).  Can’t wait to hear about everybody’s experience (even though it will further my feelings of jealousy lol)!

Today I want to shed some light on a brand new label that will be in full-force early October.  If you use Facebook I’m sure you have seen the promotions being blasted around, but if not, this should be some quite exciting news.  This is something that BWS has been holding back for a couple months now to announce, and it makes me very proud to finally do so.  Badman Eddy Woo, aka Seven, has teamed up with Subculture Artists main woman behind the scenes Verity to launch Uprise Audio.  I shouldn’t have to give an introduction for Seven because the man has been a don to the scene for over a decade, whether it be his early drum and bass or more recent dubstep productions.  Verity is woman who has a work ethic that most can only aspire to.  Between her involvement with Subculture Artists and ICU Audio, working a studio, and NOW Uprise Audio, I often find myself wondering how the f*ck she does all this when there is only 24 hours in a day.  I mean, seriously though?

The imprints debut release is set for early October and coming from the hands of USA’a very own (although he now lives in Berlin), Dubtek.  With previous releases on labels like Paradise Lost, Requiem Audio, and Shift Recordings (to name a few), Dubtek has been steadily climbing the ranks among deep heads worldwide.  His debut release for Uprise Audio will without a doubt turn any heads that’ve slept on his productions.  The A side, ‘Extension’, is a massive track that will leave you slumped in your seat from the drum grooves and massive amounts of bass pressure.  ‘Plus Ultra’ (B side) is my personal favorite off this release.  This one just bounces and bounces,  non-stop.  The detail of this production caught my ears first time around and each time I listen to it I find something else.



If you live in the UK, Uprise will be throwing a release party on October 4th in Nottingham at Stealth Nightclub.  The event will FREE ENTRY and have performances by Dubtek, Nanobyte, Chewie, Andrew V.C. (Vicious Circle), Seven, and Truth.  Holding down the microphone will be the infamous Toast, alongside Alys Be and Yayne.  Definitely going to want to get in on this event.  Not very often to you get that kind of quality lineup with no entrance fee!  Check the event page here.

This is definitely an imprint that you’ll want to keep your ears out for as they will be putting out some absolutely amazing music (I’ve been lucky enough to hear previews 😉 ) !!!

I will catch you next time fam’.

To the gods.


Weekly Selections: Seven, Lurka, Mella Dee

Big tings ladies and gents.  Happy to be checking in today, and selecting some biggies to hit the soundwaves for you.

First on deck we got Seven with a large release forthcoming.  Black Box is set to release his album Evolution, a 13 track journey through all of his newest soundscapes, in the near future.  He upped a teaser onto his Soundcloud to get us psyched for the release.  The tune titled ‘Morning Light’ featuring vocals by Alys B has a wicked atmospheric vocal intro that transitions into a heavy rock and roll type riddim.  Large party rocker no doubt.

Seven featuring Alys B – Morning Light – Evolution LP Black Box Records


Next I wanted to highlight my favorite record release of the week.  Dropping on Black Box sister label Box Clever, Lurka hits the buttons on this one extra deep.  With a large chubby wob intersected by sections of salt shaking snares, this one will really test your shoulder lean capabilities.  High grade tunnidge and lower level lurking results in a tune we absolutely big up.

Lurka – Forgotten Ones

Be sure to scope the record here:  Lurka – Forgotten Ones / Refresher

Keeping on the same vibe, I want to highlight a track set to release on stateside record label Slit Jockey Records.  The tune by a fella named Mella Dee is titled ‘Don’t Be Neesh’.  With the skipping snare pattern and rolling bass this one makes you rock about in your seat.  With support by the likes of Starkey, we’ll be sure to hear this one in circulation once it’s released on May 14th.


I’ll set you off for the day/night with some rasta riddims.  The next tune is one of high praise.  No major weight in this, but the vibe is right and I wanted to send you out on the right foot.  This one is sick and the words have serious blessing capabilities.  Enjoy!

Proud To Be Rasta

I’m happy I could provide you with a little break in your day.  Be sure to check this space tomorrow as we’ll have some tunes to send you into the weekend with a proper vibe!



7 Questions for Seven : Exclusive Interview with One of UK’s Finest.

Tonight, Bassweight Society sits down with the badman Eddy Woo, aka Seven.  If you haven’t heard this name circulating around clean your ears out, because Seven’s ability to produce low-frequencies in such a HUGE fashion is hard to miss.  We here at  Bassweight Society recognize the talent that Eddy exhibits and show MAD support for his music.   Receiving a huge amount of support from long-time friend, Youngsta, Eddy’s transition into the dubstep scene was almost inevitable.  Acclaimed by many as one of “…the most technical DJ’s on the market today”, Seven takes his stage performance very seriously.  Eddy is a man who has truly dedicated his ENTIRE life to his music.  Especially lately with his debut album on the verge of release, which we’ll find out more about in our interview.  So lets get down to the business at hand, representing UK Dubstep worldwide across the globe…. Seven from Black Box Records, Wheel & Deal, Tempa and Subway Recs:

BWS:  How do you view the US dubstep scene? and How does it compare to the UK?
  • Seven: It’s kinda become its own thing really. It’s followed suit from the bro-step uprising which came out of the UK, produced by many dnb artists having a try at dubstep. But it varies greatly from the music we are making in the UK now. We have been through that era and although some UK parties and commercial radio stations still play that kinda music, the forward thinking nights and radio shows are all playing true UK dubstep at its finest. I think the sound will catch on in the USA.   As it did in the UK, people will just get bored with the same old noises over n over and the scene there will evolve and reshape.

BWS: What other musical influences outside of dubstep do you incorporate into your productions?

  • Seven: I get asked this a lot. I’m not even really that sure to be honest. I guess my dnb past plays a role in terms of the darkness i like to incorporate into my tunes. That whole 1996 – 1999 era of jungle/dnb shows through in the atmosphere I create in my tracks.
BWS: Listening to your mixing, you have a very technical style.  How do you play out live? and What do you want the audience to take home from your performances?
  • Seven: I use Serato and Technics 1210s. I grew up mixing on decks with vinyl, so it’s the only way I know how to do my thing the best I can.  When was a kid I used to chill with friends after big nights out and talk about tracks, DJ’s and mixes with so much enthusiasm. I hope people talk about me and my tunes like that after they come to see me perform live.  I love to DJ. I want people to enjoy what I do, like I enjoy doing it. It’s what comes natural to me and before any productions, so I put all my heart and soul into my sets. I treat it like a performance, in hope people go home and remember my set and anticipate seeing me again. I try to make the sets as intricate and exciting as I can. I try to make it all about euphoric build ups and big double drops with cutting edge music and future proof vibes.
BWS: What are your favorite production mediums? DAWs? Hardware? Software?
  • Seven: Mac Pro running Logic Pro. Moog and Virus Ti synths. UAD2 QUAD and various plug-ins. Mackie 824mk1 monitors.
BWS: Do you have any side projects in the works?
  • Seven: No, I have literally focused all my time on my album which is due for release anytime soon. I do make other music genres, but I am solely focused on what I’m doing right now. The album.
BWS: What motivated you to switch your sounds up to dubstep?  We know you used to make a lot of well-known drum and bass before your appearance in the dubstep scene.
  • Seven: DJ Youngsta is a close friend of mine. Around 2006 he asked me to make him a track to play in his sets. He knew my productions standards were of a professional level and was keen to hear me make a dubstep track for him. It didn’t take my persuading as I had found my sound to be very formulated in dnb. It felt more like a production line, than a fun vocation. So I went into the studio and made a track I named “Changing Lanes”. Youngsta played it in all of his sets and it encouraged me to make more.  So it was a turning point for me, and a huge one too. I began to make lots more dubstep. It really brought the fun back into production times.   I got caught up in a whirl wind with it after that and had a string of successful releases which cemented my roots into the scene.
BWS: Are there any releases that people should keep their eyes out for in the near future?
  • Seven: Yes. My debut album on Black Box Records. Titled “Evolution” we are just rounding up the project now and we’re hoping we can get it out before the end of the year.   It will feature 13 tracks by myself. No collabs apart from vocals inclusions. But I think people will be pleasantly surprised by who I have chosen. But that’s a surprise. It will be available on both vinyl, CD and digital formats and showcases my sound from all one side of the spectrum to the other.
Seven’s Soundcloud:
There you have it people, from the man himself.  Make sure you keep your eyes out for the full length album from Seven, due out very soon.
A special thanks from BWS to Seven for his support.
-Bassweight Society