Dubtek – Extension/Plus Ultra [UA001]

“Badman Eddy Woo, aka Seven, has teamed up with Subculture Artists main woman behind the scenes Verity to launch Uprise Audio.  I shouldn’t have to give an introduction for Seven because the man has been a don to the scene for over a decade, whether it be his early drum and bass or more recent dubstep productions.  Verity is woman who has a work ethic that most can only aspire to.  Between her involvement with Subculture Artists and ICU Audio, working a studio, and NOW Uprise Audio, I often find myself wondering how the f*ck she does all this when there is only 24 hours in a day.  I mean, seriously though?”

You may recognize the above caption from a feature a little ways back that introduced the label Uprise Audio.  If you missed it, you can check it here.  Well, yesterday marked the official release of the first 12″ in their soon to be massive catalog.  You have had to been sleeping under a rock for the past month if you haven’t heard this being played at some point by figures such as Youngsta, N-Type, and J:Kenzo!  With Seven’s meticulous attention to detail and Verity’s astounding work ethic you can be sure that every single release that will be coming from this imprint is going to be top-notch.  002 is already lined up from Ayslum (1/2 of Vicious Circle), and both of the tunes on that one are just as beastly at Dubtek’s 001 release.  This is seriously an imprint to closely monitor – I know I will be!  Anyways, here’s what the PR has to say about 001:

A|| Extension

As soon as Extension starts, the captivating and very haunting intro lead sound commands your complete attention. Then commences the groove driven weighty journey which unfolds. Just when you think u have heard all the track has to offer, tiny percussion changes alter the groove completely, leaving you in an aural daze of technicality and brilliance.


AA|| Plus Ultra

Plus Ultra is a groove based dancefloor killer. It’s clever vocal and leading intro bring you to a climactic bass explosion designed to tear up dancefloors and dominate any double drop mix. It’s laced with intelligent sound responses which weave in and out of the bass groove all throughout the composition giving the listener a detailed soundscape for ones mind to get lost in.





Chemical Records



That’s all for today fam’.  Next week is lined up with massive releases so expect to see a handful of reviews here on the site.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Bless.

To the gods.



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