Introducing: Uprise Audio

EZ fam’.  It’s going to be an intense couple of weeks coming up for the soundsystem culture.  We got Outlook Festival and immediately following, Dimensions Festival.  Both of these festivals have become pinnacle events for various lovers of bass.  Catered to Dub heads, House heads, Drum and Bass heads, Dubstep heads, whatever heads.  For those of you lucky enough to experience these events, my hat is off to you.  Despite being accommodated to do coverage for the US, I was unable to afford the flights out there – which has been killing me.  Next year though, 100% BWS will be there with T-shirts, stickers, and the whole nine yards :).  Can’t wait to hear about everybody’s experience (even though it will further my feelings of jealousy lol)!

Today I want to shed some light on a brand new label that will be in full-force early October.  If you use Facebook I’m sure you have seen the promotions being blasted around, but if not, this should be some quite exciting news.  This is something that BWS has been holding back for a couple months now to announce, and it makes me very proud to finally do so.  Badman Eddy Woo, aka Seven, has teamed up with Subculture Artists main woman behind the scenes Verity to launch Uprise Audio.  I shouldn’t have to give an introduction for Seven because the man has been a don to the scene for over a decade, whether it be his early drum and bass or more recent dubstep productions.  Verity is woman who has a work ethic that most can only aspire to.  Between her involvement with Subculture Artists and ICU Audio, working a studio, and NOW Uprise Audio, I often find myself wondering how the f*ck she does all this when there is only 24 hours in a day.  I mean, seriously though?

The imprints debut release is set for early October and coming from the hands of USA’a very own (although he now lives in Berlin), Dubtek.  With previous releases on labels like Paradise Lost, Requiem Audio, and Shift Recordings (to name a few), Dubtek has been steadily climbing the ranks among deep heads worldwide.  His debut release for Uprise Audio will without a doubt turn any heads that’ve slept on his productions.  The A side, ‘Extension’, is a massive track that will leave you slumped in your seat from the drum grooves and massive amounts of bass pressure.  ‘Plus Ultra’ (B side) is my personal favorite off this release.  This one just bounces and bounces,  non-stop.  The detail of this production caught my ears first time around and each time I listen to it I find something else.



If you live in the UK, Uprise will be throwing a release party on October 4th in Nottingham at Stealth Nightclub.  The event will FREE ENTRY and have performances by Dubtek, Nanobyte, Chewie, Andrew V.C. (Vicious Circle), Seven, and Truth.  Holding down the microphone will be the infamous Toast, alongside Alys Be and Yayne.  Definitely going to want to get in on this event.  Not very often to you get that kind of quality lineup with no entrance fee!  Check the event page here.

This is definitely an imprint that you’ll want to keep your ears out for as they will be putting out some absolutely amazing music (I’ve been lucky enough to hear previews 😉 ) !!!

I will catch you next time fam’.

To the gods.



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