Breakage – ‘The Promise’ EP (FREE)

Big up everyone! ¬†Don’t have a lot of time this week because of school but, I thought you’d get a kick out of this one ūüôā ¬†One of the most OG producers in the game (personal favorite of mine) has been generous enough to give out a free EP to all you listeners! ¬†It’s very simple to obtain the tunes, just sign up for the newsletter or share via your social media network of choice by following the below link. ¬†This one is MASSIVE.

“To download the EP for free please go to¬†

Breakage follows his critically acclaimed album ‚ÄėFoundation‚Äô & crossover hit ‚ÄėFighting Fire‚Äô with his latest offering ‚ÄėThe Promise EP‚Äô. Progressive in nature, with a nod to both the Balearic Island & the basements of inner-city London, this four-tracker is a taster of what is to come as Boyle readies his 3rd album, set for a 2013 release. Featuring co-production talents of Dismantle on ‚ÄėAss Up‚Äô, early supporters include Annie Mac, Mista Jam, Skream, James Zabiela, Busy P, Basement Jaxx & more.

‚ÄúBreakage bringing the same depth and space he had in D&B over to House and Dubstep can only be a good thing. The hallmarks of a great producer.‚ÄĚ Mista Jam

Released by: Digital Soundboy Recordings 
Release/catalogue number: DSB046 
Release date: Nov 1, 2012 “

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Enjoy everyone!

To the gods.



Bassweight Sessions 3: Calski

Big up fam’.  As I had said on Tuesday, I have a very special interview today with a Bristol-based producer.  There’s got to be something in the air in Bristol because the amount of top-notch musicianship that comes out of that city is just massive.  I’m going to have to collect some air in a jar whenever I get over there and take a huff each time I get in front of my beat machine ;).  Anyways, let’s get down to business!

Today’s feature is with Calum Lamont, aka Calski.  If you’re not familiar with his sound, I strongly urge you to look into it.  This is a producer who, in less than three years, has gained himself support from some of the scenes rising stars like My Nu Leng, DK, and The Town as well as dominators such as Phaeleh.  To try and pigeonhole Calum’s sound is nearly impossible (he’ll even tell you himself) as he is constantly changing the tempo, approach, and style of his productions.  What is very clear about this man is his ability to make beautiful music, so it should be no surprise that the King of melodic bass music, Phaeleh, has been showing his support.  Don’t want to say much more because his responses are quite informative.  Take a look below to find about what Calski has to say about being a musician in Bristol and why he feels it best to produce a multitude of genres rather than stick to a single formula…


1.  Just to get the formalities out of the way, can you give the readers a quick rundown about who you are and the music that you make?

Im Calski, I’m from bristol and I make sub bassy, melodic and percussion based music. It’s always a tricky one when someone asks that because I dont really know what to say. I tend to cross between genres and try messing about with different styles so it hopefully stays interesting for people.

2.  How long have you been involved with music production?  What was it that sparked your passion?

I’ve been producing for about 3 years now. When I was younger I played the saxaphone and piano, which is what started my passion for music.¬† I only moved onto computer production after I downloaded a free demo of fruity loops on my mums computer and started making cheap grime tunes, but it was pretty pointless because you couldnt save your beats on the demo! ¬†After I got bored of the FL demo I just enrolled in a music technology course and it all went from there really.

 3.  You seem to really have an exceptional ability to work your drum tracks.  Is this something that just manifested itself through your production style, or do you make the conscious effort to create the cleanest and fullest drum tracks?

Percussion is just something I’ve slowley progressed on over the years.¬† I love fat, punchy drum beats and anything with rythm and a nice bouncey vibe to get your head nodding.¬† I always find its important to work the drums as much as you can because in my tunes they are usually the main factor along with the sub and they can make or break the tune.


¬†4. ¬†Furthering on your production style, your sound is undeniably distinct. ¬†I don’t know if it’s just something about Bristol that injects creativity into people, but the amount of artists w/ fresh sounds in massive (Die & Break, Addison Groove, Phaeleh, Guido, Kahn, Appleblim, list goes on…)! ¬†How would you say the environment in Bristol has transposed itself into your productions, if at all?

Yeh its a hugeley inspirational city for music, arts and culture.¬† I’ve lived here for about 4 years now and dont think I will ever move.¬† I believe the city has had nothing but positive effects on my music, Bristol has some sick producers and labels in so many different genres so I try to take inspiration from everywhere I can. I started getting booked for small gigs for no money when I first moved to Bristol and it made me see just how big it all was, seeing people making their own tunes and doing well at their own thing drove me to try it myself.¬† I believe its important to be around people with similar goals and aspirations as you because you motivate one another.

¬†5. ¬†You tend to cross genre platforms when writing music. ¬†Some people believe that when trying to build a name for yourself, it’s better to identify with a particular sound in order to “brand’ yourself, in a sense. ¬†You seem to have transcended this philosophy, so I’m curious as to hear your thoughts about cross-genre beat making.

Personally I think its important to cross different genres.¬† Most of the people I look up to and aspire to be are versatile producers.¬† I think if you use the same drum pattern, synth or stlye in every tune you make, you might make a few bangers but eventually people will get bored because its too predictable.¬† When I start making a tune, I never have any idea where im going to go with it.¬† I usually start with percussion and see where it takes me from there, but it never usually ends up where I thought it would!¬† I also listen to all different sorts of music so I can hear something that will inspire me to take a tune in a whole different direction when I’m half way through writing it.¬† I can be pretty annoying sometimes as well!

 6.  You and KeyedUp make quite the team.  How did you guys get linked up?  What more can we expect to hear from you two in the future?

We live in the same sort of area and just met through the music scene and started making tunes when we were chilling at mine. We dont really make tunes anymore because we are just heading in different musical directions.

¬†7. ¬†Your debut EP on Overcooked Records ¬†will be seeing a released October 1st. ¬†I’ve listened to the tunes, and they’re top-notch! ¬†How has the reaction been so far on the release?

Thank you ūüôā¬† There has been a really positive reaction so far which I am really greatful for.¬† It’s had a few good reviews and its being played by some of my favourite artists.¬† People like ‘Enigma Dubz’, ‘My Nu Leng’ and ‘Phaeleh’ have been supporting it which is a real honor for me because I’ve been listening to their stuff before I even began producing.¬† I think the good thing about the EP is there is a variation of styles and hopefully a track for everyone on it, and if not.. wait for the next release!

 8.  Is there anything else in the near future that the readers should keep their eyes/ears out for (gigs, releases, etc.)?

There should be multiple releases dropping in the next couple of years.¬† A few EP’s on Overcooked Records and some releases on various different labels in between. Lots of different vibes to come!

¬†9. ¬†What’s the one piece of advice/knowledge that you have today that you wish somebody would passed down to you early on in your career?

Without sounding too cliche …Just work hard at what you want to do, be persistent and determined in life and one day, eventually, it will pay off.

 10.  Who shot Biggie & Pac?

illuminati ūüėČ


Much respect out to Calum for taking the time out of his day to contribute to our Bassweight Sessions series. ¬†If you haven’t already previewed his EP on Overcooked Records, the ‘St. Andrews EP’, be sure to check the link below as it’s most definitely one you’ll want to add to your collection! ¬†Featuring 3 Originals, a collaboration with Enigma Dubz, and a remix of an Inkarv production. ¬†Big sounds no doubt. ¬†The EP is available for pre-order of iTunes currently and will be officially released on October 1st at all good online record stores.


Also, to top things off Calski has been generous enough to build a mix for all your listening pleasures. ¬†Unfortunately there were some complications while trying to upload the mix to Soundcloud, and I was not able to use that particular platform. ¬†I have uploaded the mix to Mixcloud but, since the ability to embed the players used by Mixcloud to a WordPress site is non-existent (C’mon WordPress, seriously?!) you will have to follow the link below to our Mixcloud profile. ¬†Believe me though, it is WELL WORTH the extra two clicks you will have to endure ;). ¬†Check the link below…

I hope you all enjoyed the words and the mix!  Will see you next time.

To the gods.


Biome – Two Way EP (BLACKBOX029)


Bless everybody. ¬†Hope all is well with the fam’. ¬†Today I wanted to take some time out to highlight the recent EP released by Biome. ¬†As if this man has not been absolutely slaying bass bins for the past 6 months (at least), he has made his presence even more visible with this latest release on Black Box. ¬†With one of the hardest sounds in the deeper side of the 140 arena, Biome has carved out his place like a force that cannot be reckoned with. ¬†I have promoted much of his music within the time span of Bassweight Society’s existence and he is definitely one of my favorite producers. ¬†This 4 Track 2 x 12″ release sees a more calm Biome (or at least that’s how I’ve perceived it) than his recent work with the Macabre Unit crew and his release on New Moon not too long ago – I find it very refreshing. ¬†The Two Way EP is an excellent addition to the Black Box discography, holding true to the imprints sound.


Reality || Vinyl, Digital

This beat starts off with some beautiful atmospherics and quickly progresses into a pressure-ridden halfstep masterpiece. ¬†The space utilized in between each bass element creates grooves that would cause a¬†paraplegic¬†to off his/her chair and straight mash the dance. ¬†I was instantly hooked by the eerie pads used in the track and I’m sure each of you will find an element that tickles your fancy within this one.

Inner Mind || Vinyl, Digital

This tune embodies the “calm” Biome that I spoke of in the introduction of this feature. ¬†Preceding this release I’ve seen Biome on very high-energy trend, utilizing extremely heavy tribal-styled percussion to keep the dance inna’ zone. ¬†Inner Mind utilizes calming vocals, eyes down piano chords, and atmospherics that all equate to a brilliant work of art. ¬†I find this tune to be extremely peaceful, and to be honest, thought-provoking. ¬†I say thought-provoking because each time I play this one I can’t help but reminisce on past memories, analyze current situations, and just think. ¬†I’m going to have to say that this is my persy off the EP.

Charged || Vinyl, Digital

In uniform with the calmer vibe of the EP, ‘Charged’ keeps the beat slow but the vibes large. ¬†Biome’s unmatched ability to modulate growling basslines is apparent in this stomper as the tune is constantly interchanging between them. ¬†The snare hit in this beat really makes me exaggerate my body movements as it is crisp in it’s strike and fades flawlessly, with just the right amount of reverb.

Two Way || Vinyl, Digital

To wrap up the release is ‘Two Way’. ¬†This one is for the steppers! ¬†A very clean and constant kick drum floods the sound field while an array of hats and snares compliment the grooves. ¬†For some reason I picture a mad scientist frantically searching for a lost potion when I listen to this tune. ¬†Haha, yeah, I’m weird.


Many of you have probably already purchased this but, if you haven’t, DO IT! ¬†It’s available at all good record shops and online stores. ¬†You can preview all of the tunes down below via the Black Box Soundcloud page.


Hope you enjoy the sounds! ¬†Support the artists, show them some love and most importantly, DON’T PIRATE MUSIC. ¬†Be sure to check later this week, most likely Thursday, as I have a very special feature/interview with a Bristolian producer that has been turning heads on the late! ¬†Big up to all the readers, your support means the world to me. ¬†Until next time…

To the gods.


Introducing: Uprise Audio

EZ fam’. ¬†It’s going to be an intense couple of weeks coming up for the soundsystem culture. ¬†We got Outlook Festival and immediately following, Dimensions Festival. ¬†Both of these festivals have become pinnacle events for various lovers of bass. ¬†Catered to Dub heads, House heads, Drum and Bass heads, Dubstep heads, whatever heads. ¬†For those of you lucky enough to experience these events, my hat is off to you. ¬†Despite being¬†accommodated¬†to do coverage for the US, I was unable to afford the flights out there – which has been killing me. ¬†Next year though, 100% BWS will be there with T-shirts, stickers, and the whole nine yards :). ¬†Can’t wait to hear about everybody’s experience (even though it will further my feelings of jealousy lol)!

Today I want to shed some light on a brand new label that will be in full-force early October. ¬†If you use Facebook I’m sure you have seen the promotions being blasted around, but if not, this should be some quite exciting news. ¬†This is something that BWS has been holding back for a couple months now to announce, and it makes me very proud to finally do so. ¬†Badman Eddy Woo, aka Seven, has teamed up with Subculture Artists main woman behind the scenes Verity to launch Uprise Audio. ¬†I shouldn’t have to give an introduction for Seven because the man has been a don to the scene for over a decade, whether it be his early drum and bass or more recent dubstep productions. ¬†Verity is woman who has a work ethic that most can only aspire to. ¬†Between her involvement with Subculture Artists and ICU Audio, working a studio, and NOW Uprise Audio, I often find myself wondering how the f*ck she does all this when there is only 24 hours in a day. ¬†I mean, seriously though?

The imprints debut release is set for early October and coming from the hands of USA’a very own (although he now lives in Berlin),¬†Dubtek. ¬†With previous releases on labels like Paradise Lost,¬†Requiem Audio, and Shift Recordings (to name a few), Dubtek has been steadily climbing the ranks among deep heads worldwide. ¬†His debut release for Uprise Audio will without a doubt turn any heads that’ve slept on his productions. ¬†The A side, ‘Extension’, is a massive track that will leave you slumped in your seat from the drum grooves and massive amounts of bass pressure. ¬†‘Plus Ultra’ (B side) is my personal favorite off this release. ¬†This one just bounces and bounces, ¬†non-stop. ¬†The detail of this production caught my ears first time around and each time I listen to it I find something else.



If you live in the UK, Uprise will be throwing a release party on October 4th in Nottingham at Stealth Nightclub.  The event will FREE ENTRY and have performances by Dubtek, Nanobyte, Chewie, Andrew V.C. (Vicious Circle), Seven, and Truth.  Holding down the microphone will be the infamous Toast, alongside Alys Be and Yayne.  Definitely going to want to get in on this event.  Not very often to you get that kind of quality lineup with no entrance fee!  Check the event page here.

This is definitely an imprint that you’ll want to keep your ears out for as they will be putting out some absolutely amazing music (I’ve been lucky enough to hear previews ūüėČ ) !!!

I will catch you next time fam’.

To the gods.


Cauze & KBeatz – Nightmares/Subway

Artwork: Mesck

Ez everyone! ¬†Hope all is well with BWS fam’. ¬†Much love and respect for tuning in to the posts here.

Today I wanted to bring light to a release that hit the shelves last Monday.  It is with great pleasure to highlight this release from Vulcan Audio, a US/UK-based label run by Biak and Medik.  You might recognize from Biak from from his releases on Bacon Dubs, Sub Pressure, and Gamma Audio, while Medik holds releases from Loveless, Sub Pressure, and Onset Audio. This EP will mark the second release for the imprint, and does so in a mighty fashion.  Cauze and KBeatz add a very flavorful dynamic to the Vulcan Audio family.

The A side, ‘Nightmares’, is beautifully constructed with swinging percussion and groove-filled basslines. ¬†The vocal sample is a great lead-in to the onslaught of growls and low-end pressure. ¬†It’s fresh on the ears to hear the growls constantly changing form – especially right now when growls have become a weapon of choice for many artists. ¬†The B side, ‘Subway’, is a f*cking massive tune! ¬†The placement of the stabs, bleeps, and drums culminates into a bounce-drenched lurker. I got similar vibes as Truth’s 2010 Boka hit, ‘Hackerz’. ¬†This one really has dope atmosphere to it – keeping things minimal but packed with a punch.

Artwork: Mesck


Purchase the release from Juno Download here.

Enjoy the sounds, support the artists, and spread the love.

Catch you next time.

To the gods.