D-Operation Drop – ‘Slammer’ EP [Vulcan Audio]

DOperation Drop Slammer Art

Ez everyone!

Hope everything is good.  Out to everyone who is in the trenches with finals at university right now – I FEEL you.  Anyway, I’ve got some time to kill and wanted to give some love to a killer release set to drop late December.  Vulcan Audio has been on somewhat of a hiatus since their 006 with Jafu (which was DOPE so check it out if you slept on it) but have returned to the frontline with their recent signing of the Italian dreadnaught, D-Operation Drop.  I would be hard-pressed to believe anybody at this point if they said they hadn’t heard at least one tune from DOD.  This small army of friends has been pushing out tunes and getting signed like madmen.  Recent releases with Wheel & Deal, Bacon Dubs, Redshift One and forthcomings due on Vulcan, Subaltern Records, and NoMad highlight the virtuosity this group has displayed over the past year.

Their ‘Slammer’ EP showcases percussive precision, slumping sub-frequencies, and the signature array of dystopian synth programming that would put a thizz face on Rob Ford quicker than a 10-cloud to his lungs.  ‘The Addition’ stands out as my favorite beat off the EP; it’s energetic kick and pumping sub get my blood flowing – definitely one to engage the dance!  The collaboration with Piezo, ‘Trench’, is another one that gets a massive salute.  The swing in this one is absolutely top-notch and each time I listen to it, I find nearly every appendage on my body subconsciously synchronizing itself to the beat.  Bacon Dubs bossman Sparxy closes the EP out with his remix of ‘Slammer’, twisting sounds into an unfathomable dimension, causing a thorough consideration to whether or not you’re still human.  This guy knows how to bring the energy.

RELEASE DATE:  13th of January 2014


D-Operation Drop || Vulcan Audio || Piezo || Sparxy

Hope you enjoy the sounds!  Stay locked with the pages above for official release date, or check the Bassweight Society Facebook page.  I’ll catch you next time!

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– Kinman


Juss B – Metaphysics / Symbols [VLCN004]


EZ fam’  Hope everyone is doing well and not going too crazy amidst the madness of everyday life in 2012 – it can be quite challenging!

Today I am very happy to feature the most recent release from U.S./U.K. based imprint, Vulcan Audio.  Headed up by Medik and Biak, based out of Atlanta and London, respectively, these guys are slowly but surely beginning to creep their way into the hard drives of listeners both stateside and across the pond.  I featured 002 a couple months back which was a two-tracker that featured Cauze & KBeatz on the buttons.  Today marks release of the 4th installment of the Vulcan Audio discography, and comes from the hands of American producer Juss B.  You should be familiar with his sound by now with his release catalog containing support from labels like Gradient Audio, Phantom Hertz, and San Diego based collective Sub Pressure.  This mans approach to atmospherics and gritty nuerofunk style energy is definitely a standout characteristic to his production branding.

The A side, ‘Metaphysics’, brings you into a realm of distant chants, twisted reeses, and pressure-ridden grooves that are sure to keep your head nodding.  The high hat panning adds a very nice movement to the percussive presence – especially in conjunction with the delayed drum hits that alternate back and forth with each other.

The flip, ‘Symbols’, is a shoulder-slumper.  Really clean atmospheres fill the mix out, the neuro-swing elements are well-executed, and the beat’s evolution is smooth like butter.  Interested to see how Juss B’s productions evolve in the near future – should be exciting stuff!


Be sure to stop by the label and artist pages below, respectively.  Also, you will find a buy link so you can snag this release if you haven’t already!

Vulcan Audio:


Juss B:


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I’ll catch you guys in a couple days with a really DOPE interview feature lined up.  Blessssss.


Cauze & KBeatz – Nightmares/Subway

Artwork: Mesck

Ez everyone!  Hope all is well with BWS fam’.  Much love and respect for tuning in to the posts here.

Today I wanted to bring light to a release that hit the shelves last Monday.  It is with great pleasure to highlight this release from Vulcan Audio, a US/UK-based label run by Biak and Medik.  You might recognize from Biak from from his releases on Bacon Dubs, Sub Pressure, and Gamma Audio, while Medik holds releases from Loveless, Sub Pressure, and Onset Audio. This EP will mark the second release for the imprint, and does so in a mighty fashion.  Cauze and KBeatz add a very flavorful dynamic to the Vulcan Audio family.

The A side, ‘Nightmares’, is beautifully constructed with swinging percussion and groove-filled basslines.  The vocal sample is a great lead-in to the onslaught of growls and low-end pressure.  It’s fresh on the ears to hear the growls constantly changing form – especially right now when growls have become a weapon of choice for many artists.  The B side, ‘Subway’, is a f*cking massive tune!  The placement of the stabs, bleeps, and drums culminates into a bounce-drenched lurker. I got similar vibes as Truth’s 2010 Boka hit, ‘Hackerz’.  This one really has dope atmosphere to it – keeping things minimal but packed with a punch.

Artwork: Mesck


Purchase the release from Juno Download here.

Enjoy the sounds, support the artists, and spread the love.

Catch you next time.

To the gods.