Rewind Wednesday: Where Dat’ Weight From?

Boh! Boh! Boh!  Friends, family, rando’s, we bid you welcome to our Wednesday rewind.  Today, as always, we have some great classic tunes to showcase.

The first track for today is one produced by the badman Soloman Rose, aka ‘Silkie‘.  The track is titled ‘Dub Breaks’.  Among the first characteristics you will notice in this tune are the very soothing reggae stabs along with a killer break-style drum sequence, as eluded by the track name.  With a slow and simple start, the tune leads to a drop that will put your dancing shoes on for you.  Silkie has been laying out some of the cleanest mix-downs since 2003 and this one is a perfect example.  Have a listen.

Silkie – Dub Breaks (2006/Antisocial Movement)

Second tune for this weeks rewind session is the infamous ‘War Dub’, produced by ‘Pinch & P.Dutty’.  The eerie intro, filled with truly deep and dark vibes, is complimented by one of the sickest drops to this day.  With that said, once the second drop comes the most pure forms of madness will rush through your blood giving you no choice but to commence brukking out to the hardest of your ability.  Released on Pinch’s label, Tectonic, in 2005 this track will forever rest as one of the hardest tunes of all time.

Pinch & P.Dutty – War Dub (2005/Tectonic)

Third track of the day comes from a producer who is too often overlooked, the man ‘Quest‘.  One of Deep Medi Musiks’ finest talents, and owner of some of the most beautiful tracks in the 140 arena, Quest is a man who is the epitome of the term ‘underground’.  This track, titled ‘Eden’, was released back in 2008 and sends out some of the most relaxed and translucent vibes.  The diminishing presence of horns combined with island-style strings really have to ability to take your mind to another plain of conciousness.  For all the heads, we know you know about Quest.  But, for those of you that haven’t heard his sounds, PLEASE go out and show some support to this man.  Buy his music, like his pages, tell your friends, do whatever you need to do.  Just DO IT.  Enjoy.

Quest – Eden (2008/Deep Medi Musik)

Today we are going to send you off with a tune written by the highest ranking spirit in Dubstep, ‘Mala‘.  Without a doubt one of the most influential artists, he has been very selectively releasing tunes since the inception of the genre.  Titled ‘Lean Forward’, this tune really exhibits the journey the each of Mala’s productions take the listener on.  Always a firm believer in the meditative power of music, Mala constantly implements this belief into his tunes.  Released in 2007 on Deep Medi Musik, this tune will always hit home for us.

Mala – Lean Forward (2007/Deep Medi Musik)

Alright, so we hope you all enjoyed today’s content.  Make sure you stop by BWS on Friday as we will be releasing our top tunes of 2011.  There is sure to be some bangers highlighted!

To the Gods.

-Bassweight Society


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