Olie Bassweight – The Ghost In The Machine LP [BASWGTCD002]

olie bass art

While I strongly believe the benefits far outweigh the detriments, one thing that always seems to happen to me in the contemporary age of music is that there is just SO much output at any given time, that many gems are likely to fall under the radar, to be discovered later.  I could just as easily consider it a good thing because there’s definitely a unique feeling experienced when you come across a piece of music fitting into this category, as opposed to following/anticipating a release months prior up to it’s actual drop-date.  This is precisely what happened to me with regards to Olie Bassweight’s ‘Ghost In The Machine’ album that dropped towards the end of December of last year.

While Olie’s role within the dubstep movement has been of an undeniably prominent nature – especially in New Zealand – this marks his first full-length album to date.  Featuring 15 tracks, two of which being shorter, more cinematic intro-type pieces,  the album strongly established the artist’s versatility in both stylistic approach and execution of sound engineering.

Below you find the tracklist and my three favorite beats off the album:

Tracklist –

1. Intro (The Ghost In The Machine)
2. Float VIP
3. Duality
4. Odyssey
5. Truth – Spook (Olie Bassweight Remix)
6. Interlude (Tides)
7. Tides Have Turned ft. Timmy P MC
8. Holon
9. Why are you here
10. Broken
11. The Message ft. Dubfonik & DMG MC
12. Tangled Blue Eyes Feat, Dubtek
13. Heavyweight ft. Triage and MC Kryptik
14. Condemned ft. Perverse and TZR
15. Survival




You can purchase the album from the links below:


Vinyl Sampler:



Make sure to keep up with future projects through Olie’s social media outlets, too!


I’ll you guys next time.  Big up for reading.  If you have any artists you’d like to see get some from BWS please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at bassweightsociety@gmail.com with links to music, bio, etc.

One love.

– Kinman


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