Forthcomings – Releases Worth Waiting For

Hey Fam,

Hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend. With 2012 just kicking off, it’s setting up to be a big year for dubstep music. Today we wanted to bring to your attention a few releases set to come out in the next month or two that we feel you should be keeping your eyes on.

The first release coming out January 23 on New Moon Recordings, is a massive one by Killawatt & Thelem. As the third release for New Moon Recordings, NMN003, this team up between Killawatt & Thelem is large as usual. The first tune titled Reasons To Worry is a serious lurker pushing the system with low end pressure and just the right flavor of bongo drums that Killawatt loves incorporating into his tunes. The second tune entitled Swarf, is a collaboration between Killawatt & Thelem. With a dark intro leading into echoing drums, it feels as if you’re walking down some dark alley not sure about whats around the next corner. As the tune drops you’re met with just the right amount of growling bass, sure to light up any mega sound system. With a carefully calculated mixture of snares and tribal sounding bongo patterns, the tune would definitely be one you’d want be right standing right next to the subs at, for any live show. The last tune, Too Dark, is a classic Killawatt bomb, with a heavy intro and even heavier drop. The tune is anthemic in a way, one that would mesmerize you into a trance before the drop. When it drops the quick kick drum makes it an absolute dance floor skanker. Make sure to big up the artists and grab this release when it comes out next Monday.

The next release we have for you is a huge one and one that comes from a West Coast producer! Antiserum & Ill-Esha team up for 2 spectacular collabs. Set to release on Subway Music on January 30, this synth filled goodness brings a large purple flavor to the table. The first tune Overflow is a dance floor smasher. It starts with a beautiful string intro, and drops into a large synth smashing bass frenzy. With celestial sounds sprinkled throughout, this one is guaranteed to receive lots of attention. The second tune, Lightning, is one of the most beautiful productions of the last few months. Repping the west coast in wicked flavor, Antiserum and Ill-Esha produce a beautiful synth riff, guaranteed to be heard on dance floors from Europe to The Playa at Burning Man. Stay up on this and be sure to get your hands on the 12″ when it’s released. Big up Antiserum & Ill-Esha!

The last release we want you to keep your eyes on, is a collaboration from the masters of bass TMSV & DJ Madd titled Difference/(J:Kenzo Remix). This heavily anticipated tune, finding a home on industry heavyweight label Black Box, is one that’s been floating around for some time now. Receiving serious attention from dubstep don Youngsta, Difference is a high energy low level lurker, a true example of perfectly executed production. On the flip, J:Kenzo adds his flavor demonstrating his skills as a heavy hitter in the scene. Set to drop on Feb 27 as part of the triple XXX series on 12″ wax cut as a 10″ this one will surely sell out so make sure to preorder yourself a copy.

That’s a wrap. Stay up on these releases and make sure to get at us about any release you feel we need to be watching for in the next few months. We’ll be back tomorrow!


~Bassweight Society (Lowkey)


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