Dubs Unlimited

Hey everybody!  It’s good to be back laying some tunes down for you today.  Hold tight and groove out, there’s a couple tunes here that put smiles on my face throughout the day so hopefully they’ll give you the same feeling.  The thing about music is you feel no pain, jah bless.

First up is a sick remix by bad man Kahn.  This one is straight groovy with a sweet little vocal sample on loop.  If you’ve spent time listening to Kahn, you’ll recognize his trademarked drum patterns as soon as the tune drops, makes you wanna stomp about.  Massive respects to Kahn for always delivering them high grade sounds.


Next selection comes from duo Swindle & Silkie.  Recently released, this is a large one in my opinion, and Silkie’s coming to visit LA in 3 weeks and I’m hoping he drops this dub for us to vibe to.  Stacked with a large intro, the tunes synths set the scene for an explosive drop that pushes that positive energy inna dance.  Purple riddims to say the least, this skanker pushes the vibes I love to hear.


Last tune we will leave you off with tonight is one by Gorgon Sound, a side project Kahn has with Neek.  This rasta influxed dubplate is set to drop April 9th, as a limited 400 copies test press, on Peng Sound Records, strictly vinyl only!  Full of low end weight and rasta vibrations, all them with the big systems turn it up.  Sorry about all the chatting on the clip, but give it a listen anyway, both the A and B side are nice.


Big up  fam.  As always it’s a pleasure sharing tunes with you, pay it forward!  We’ll be back at you tomorrow with some more sounds, but for now good morning, good afternoon, and good night.

I & I,

-BWS (Lowkey)


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