Thursday Skank

Sup fam.  Figured we would throw two at you in one day since we were in too much pain all week to get anything up M-W.  Festival season has officially begun haha.

First up we will start off a sick little dancey number that’s being given to you completely freeeee!  The tune titled Forest Floor comes at us from producer duo Daega Sound.  Really sick tune in my opinion.  Definitely going to need to watch out for Daega Sound over the next year and their recently started record label Fathom Recordings.

Daega Sound – Forest Floor ***Free Download***


Next up is a recently released chiller set of tunes by artist My Nu Leng on Mindstep Music.  The release titled Time Goes By features three great tunes all on a mellow vibe.  The title tune is my favorite, with the J-One Remix being great as well.  Have a look here and be sure to big up them on the FB for the recent release.

My Nu Leng – Time Goes By


Last up is a tune that’s been in circulation for sometime but was recently announced to be a bonus track on Soap Dodgers forthcoming release titled Unleashed.  The tune of highlight is called unbalanced and it’s full bassweight pressure.  Big business on this tune no doubt, and bit time release to come.  Keep your eyes peeled.


That’s it.  Hope you enjoyed.

Make sure you check back tomorrow as we have an amazing interview with an up-and-coming artist who has been kind enough to give all you readers THREE songs for download, exclusively through BWS.  We’ve already gotten to listen and ALL three of them are beautifully deep tunes that will set your mind right!  Respect.

Stay blessed,


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