‘Cuba Electronic’ Video, KFKA, Truth, & Ghost Note

Welcome back fam’.  Don’t really have much to say today, my head is out and about.  However, regardless of my mental state there is always amazing music being put out so I wanted to throw up some tunes that have caught my ear today.  Check….

The first piece of music I want to bring up is one I’m sure all (or at least most) of you have heard already.  But, the video that accompanies the production was just released today so you might not have caught that.  As I’m sure you’re aware, Mala’s ‘Cuba Electronic’ and ‘Calle F’ were released as a 12″ this week.  Brownswood Recordings has just upped the video that was produced for Cuba Electronic.  This was a very well produced video that shows a lot of rich culture from Cuba.  Obviously it is only a tiny fraction of what makes up Cuban culture, but nonetheless, it was a very inspiring video.  Lots of happy faces.  Hope you enjoy!  And get ready for the full album to drop September 10, 2012.


The next piece comes from the Finnish producer KFKA.  I came across this mans productions a few months back and was instantly hooked.  This recent bit of his, titled ‘Angel Heart’, is a dark journey through heavy percussion and druid-like atmospherics.  Hope you enjoy, definitely keep your ears on this guy.


Ghost Note is on the next track – ‘Quad’.  the huge punchy basslines on this one got my blood flowing!


To finish the day off I got Truth’s debut installment of the Deep, Dark, and Dangerous show that now airs of sub.mission radio.  You can catch Truth live each Wednesday at 2:30 pm PST on Sub.Mission Radio.  This mix is a BEAST.  Just over an hour of hard-hitting bassweight and masterful blending.  Filled with Truth dubs galore and also a large number of dubs from other producers.  Make sure you set yourself aside enough time to listen to this one in its entirety!


Hope you enjoy the sounds!  We will catch you next time 🙂

To the gods.



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