UNDERSOUNDlab001 ft. d:Alog, Matt Joe, Harry McCanna & Isherwood

Undersound Lab Art

Ez everyone!  I’ve got an EP for you today, coming from a label/night crew called Undersound based out of London.  The EP is in the vein of dark and minimal house music and packs a lot of groove in it.  The debut EP features artists known to myself like Matt Joe and d:Alog, as well as two that I’ve yet to stumble across – Harry McCanna and Isherwood.  My percy off this release is without a doubt ‘Hackney’ by Matt Joe.  The subtlety in the design of the atmospheres provide a brilliantly eerie  landscape for the drum breaks to take precedence in the mix, causing a commotion within people’s feet.  The EP is hosted on the label’s Bandcamp page and is offered as a “name your price” release, so you can donate as much, or as little as you feel necessary.  A couple dollars wouldn’t hurt you 😉  Below is the label’s press release, links to the Undersound pages, and a link to download the EP from the Undersound Bandcamp.  Hope you enjoy!

“We are finally out with the first release of the UNDERSOUNDlab, a platform for our own artists and other talented producers around us to share some of their music with like minded people and establish the sound of our Collective.  Undersound started as a community of music lovers based in London in 2011, and thanks to the power of the Internet steadily connected with many like minded people around Europe.  Our events in East London are our chances to gather together and celebrate electronic music, and the releases on this net label will reflect the sound of our parties.”




I’ll catch you soon!

– Kinman


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