Asylum – Exclusive ‘Live From The Future’ Mix Pt. 2

Uprise Audio - Live From The Future

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Today marks two important things: the 1 year anniversary of Uprise Audio’s launch and Part 2 of the ‘Live From The Future’ x Bassweight Society exclusive mix series.  Taiko’s contribution for part 1 was an immense display of the heavyweight’s ability to seamlessly blend tunes, as well as the production mastery that continues to push Uprise forward as one of the most promising imprint’s within dubstep.  Asylum follows Taiko’s lead and curates another massive mix jam-packed with VIP’s (including a VIP of ‘Zero Gravity’ off the LFTF LP!) from the man himself and dubs from Biome, Ben Verse and Konvex.  The mix also showcases a healthy collection of tunes recently released, that still pack a punch.

Asylum has had great success since his solo career, taking a breather from the drum and bass alias ‘Vicious Circle’ that had been releasing some of the heaviest nuero-infused 170 tunes to date.  With his signing to Uprise, his recent appearance on GetDarker TV w/ MC Toast and his solo works/collaborations with longtime friend Ben Verse on Crunch Recordings, I think its safe to say that this badman is here to stay, certainly for the near future.

Have a listen below, and make sure you clear enough room to engage in an all-out skank session as Asylum pulls you through a journey of sonic assault.


Also, don’t forget to check out the ‘Live From The Future’ LP released last month.  Previews and links below.


The album is available in the following formats:  2 x 12″ Vinyl, Digital, CD





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Taiko – Exclusive ‘Live From The Future’ Mix Pt.1


Big up fam’.

Monday (the 7th) is a big day for the 2012 freshman imprint of the year – Uprise Audio, and for dubstep as a whole.  With a string of releases that have each sat comfortably at the top of dubstep charts across the board, it’s no secret that Edward and Verity have curated one of the most promising musical outlets within the global underground.  Through these releases Dubtek, Asylum and the boss himself, Seven, have left bread crumbs leading listeners through cavernous sonic explorations – all leading up to this.  ‘Live From The Future’ is the imprint’s debut full-length album showcasing a roster of veteran dynamism, pioneering through the depths of dubstep sound design.  The LP welcomes back Asylum, Dubtek, Wayfarer, Chewie, Klax and Seven, while popping the Uprise cherries of Taiko, Truth, Stealth, Altair, and Nanobyte.

To celebrate the album’s release, Uprise Audio artist Taiko has been so kind as to build you (the readers) an exclusive mix.  I’ve been blaring this thing out for the past couple of weeks, and have been genuinely enjoying the top-notch track selection and blending.  I was lucky enough to grab a few words from the badman himself regarding the mix and his beat ‘Spray Can’ that was included on  the LP.  Take a read below!


Kinman:  EZ Louis, thanks for taking some time out for the readers. Can you tell us a little bit about the mix you have built? Some DJ’s try to facilitate a very calculated energy dynamic within their mixing, while others just blend tunes that sound good together. What’s the story behind this one?

Taiko:  No worries, happy to! Yeah I’d have to say a bit of both to be honest, I wouldn’t say it was calculated that much but I wanted to start it fairly slow and techy, and beef it up a bit towards the end, I guess any form of progression is good for a mix to keep it interesting. But it’s a small selection of my favourite tunes at the moment and you can hear a few of the forthcomings for the UA album too.

Kinman:  It must be an honor to be part of the Uprise family – especially as the imprint progressively garners more respect with each release. How did you get linked up with Eddy and the label?

Taiko:  I first met Eddy about 2 or 3 years ago when I was playing regularly in Sheffield. He came down to play one time and after the night we got talking, swapped details, then I’d send him a tune every now and again. About a year later he came down again and it was about the time he was starting Uprise if I remember correctly so luckily I had my laptop with me and burnt him a cd. A few months and a few tunes later I was brought along so big thanks to Ed and V as always.


Kinman:  Are there any plans for a solo-release with Uprise in the near future? Any hints you can give us?

Taiko:  Yeah I haven’t got a set date for anyone but early next year I have a 4 track EP on vinyl and digital coming out. I’ve started shortlisting a few tunes so hopefully when the time comes you’ll be getting the best of the bunch, that’s all I can say I’m afraid!

Kinman:  Haha no sweat bro, fully understand!

Kinman:  Lastly, can you tell us a bit about the song you’ve written to include in the ‘Live From The Future’ LP?

Taiko:  My addition to the album is called ‘Spray Can’, and all I can say really is that I tried to write something keeping unconventional in mind. I’ve also had people saying that I’ve sampled a 400ml can for it and this and that but honestly there’s no spray can samples in the entire tune, I only came up with the name for it once I stopped and thought “that sounds a lot like a spray can”. Hope everyone enjoys the album, big thanks to Tyler (Kinman) and all the readers!


Alright everyone, I hope you enjoy the mix Louis has built!  Below I’ve listed information regarding the LP’s release, including tracklist, Soundcloud and social network links.  Stay connected fam’!

Full Album Tracklist:

01. Seven feat. Joe Raygun – Live from the Future
02. Wayfarer – Reflections
03. Stealth & Altair – Lost Highway
04. Seven and Youngsta – Masai Mara VIP
05. Asylum – Zero Gravity
06. Chewie feat. Mykal Rose – Silver & Gold
07. Taiko – Spray Can
08. Klax – Link To The Past
09. Dubtek – Kuiper Belt
10. Seven & Dubtek – Stratosfear
11. Seven – Walter White – TRUTH remix
12. Nanobyte – Part Of Life

The album will be available in the following formats:  2 x 12″ Vinyl, Digital, CD

Buy Links || CHEMICAL | JUNO ||




Hopefully you all have purchased your LP samplers and have had the joyful experience of BLARING ‘Live From The Future’ & ‘Reflections’ as loudly as possible.  If you haven’t, I urge to snag your copy while you still can (limited to 500 pressings) —————–> Live From The Future LP Sampler.

I’ll catch you next time!  One love.

– Kinman

‘Live From The Future’ LP Sampler ft. Wayfarer, Seven & Joe Raygun

Uprise Audio - Live From The Future

EZ everyone!

With the blatantly undeniable presence Uprise Audio has asserted over the past few months, I’m sure the title of this feature was nothing unbeknownst to any of you readers.  Seven and his family of producers/promoters/DJ’s/etc. have been a shining example of passionate dedication and the favorable results said characteristics produce.  From their records flying off the shelves to their crew leaving each city they touch fiending for more Uprise, the label has established its position within the dubstep underground – the top.  After releasing three singles, the label announced its debut album – ‘Live From The Future’ – which is due out mid-October of this year.  Harnessing the talent of both established and emerging artists, the album will be a superbly balanced collection of music giving hint to the label’s near future direction.

The label has put out an album sampler featuring tracks from label boss Seven, and extremely talented Wayfarer.  Seven’s track features the vocals of Joe Raygun and bolsters the album’s title, creating a mood beyond suiting, with lushly reverberating chords backed by atmospheric warmth that genuinely has the power to lift your soul to a realm distant from anything sentient.  The engineering of his mid-frequencies create an element of emotion that sidesteps the too commonly heard aggressive reese growl, providing listeners with something clean and refreshing.  The beat sets a precedence of cutting-edge production standards and emotive appeal.  Wayfarer has literally taken the scene by storm with his track ‘Reflections’.  VIVEK giving it the rewind treatment at System is a testament to the immense power this beats holds.  The percussive mastery that Wayfarer has gained through years of drumming prior to his involvement in the dubstep scene bleed through the mixdown with hit after impeccable hit.  This, like ‘Live From The Future’, hits you deep in your soul courtesy of the overwhelmingly powerful vocals and the < 60hz warmth that vibrates through the airwaves.  It’s really a trip to think what else this album will consist of with these two tracks being some of the most noteworthy within dubstep over the past few months.

The release is exclusive to Beatport for now but will be available at all fine retailers fairly soon.  Below are previews to the two tracks off the sampler and links to stay connected with Uprise, Seven, and Wayfarer.  Also, stay tuned for my interview with Wayfarer that will be published sometime next week 🙂







To the gods.

– Kinman

Uprise Audio Announces ‘Live From The Future’ LP

Uprise Audio - Live From The Future

I’m sure many of you have already seen the news circulating through social media networks, but for those who haven’t, Uprise Audio CEO Seven has announced today the collaborative effort between Uprise and WESC for the release of the label’s debut LP that will showcase it’s sustained ability to penetrate the airwaves with nothing but innovation and dedication.  The album will feature music from the likes of Seven, Wayfarer, Taiko, Spec, Nanobyte, Chewie and Dubtek, among others.  Harnessing momentum from the imprint’s most recent catalog addition – UA004 – there will be a sampler featuring two tracks: Seven ft. Joe Raygun – ‘Live From The Future’ & Wayfarer – ‘Reflections’.  The sampler is scheduled to release July 15th within all major record retailers.  Be quick, because both tracks on this sampler will cause a quick sell-out (for vinyl).  Digital heads rest assured, it will be offered as .mp3 as well.

The full-length album is scheduled for October 7th, 2013 and will be offered in various formats including: 2 x 12″ vinyl package containing 6 songs, CD, and digital versions.  More clips from these tunes will begin to surface as the release date nears us, and you can count on hearing these being played out by the Uprise family during gigs and so forth.

Below are clips from the two tracks that will be featured on the LP sampler (UALPS1).  Seven’s work with Joe Raygun on ‘Live From The Future’ is one of the most astounding tracks I’ve heard recently, exhibiting both Seven’s vast knowledge of sound engineering and his maturity as a producer.  The emotion and power apparent in this beat fills the body with warmth, employing an array of colorful synths and clean, abrupt drum-work.  Wayfarer takes two worlds within the umbrella of electronic music and concocts a flawless integration of both.  The vocals on this beat instantly sent chills down my spine, from both the lyrics and the hauntingly beautiful power within the voice.  When Wayfarer’s unrivaled ability to execute drums appears within the mix, it’s a breed of animal that dubstep has yet to see.  In my mind, Kenzo should have rewound this at least one more time ;).



Keep your eyes on this space for further updates regarding the album.  Big up to each and every one of you.  I’ll catch you soon.

One love.

– Kinman