The West Coast Don: Matty G

Happy Halloween all you bass fiends!!  Hope everybody had a great weekend.  Bassweight Society had an amazing time at ‘Escape From Wonderland’ in San Bernadino, CA on Saturday night!

For today’s post we are highlighting an artist who we can, without a doubt, say is constantly igniting sparks of hope for the US dubstep scene.  The Santa Cruz, California artist Matty G has truly shown a relentless attempt to “..take it back to the soul, to try and represent America’s art form a little better.”  This attempt has become much more of an actuality.  His manner of stylistically incorporating the West Coast into his tunes, arguably, cannot be matched by any other producer in the US. With early hits like ‘50,000 Watts’ and ‘My 808’ there is a reason he is the only West Coast producer signed to the famed UK label, ‘Dub Police’, along with many of dubstep’s other heavy hitters. From his earlier productions to his upcoming EP, we at Bassweight Society are proud of the milestones Matty G has set for US dubstep and the West Coast.

Matty’s most recent release, the ‘Back To The Bay’ EP exhibits some of his most talented work yet.  Every single tune on this release is absolutely MASSIVE.  Please show some support for this man as he continues to keep the US on the map by pushing sounds and styles that are unlike any others.  Here’s a link that you can purchase this EP at: .

Again, please support by purchasing this EP.

That’s it for today everyone.  Hope you enjoy the sounds!  Make sure to stay tuned, we have interviews with some amazing artists coming your way.

One love.

-Bassweight Society.


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