Future Jungle – An Introduction

Hello once again everybody.  By now, you have all most likely broken your new year’s eve resolutions so….cheers! Going into 2012 we have a lot of sounds, artists, and labels to be looking out for, and at BWS we like to focus our efforts on doing just that. Today’s post is a brief introduction into future jungle, a sound that is gradually gaining popularity and still has room for growth and evolution.

Future jungle – also dubbed as 140 jungle – seems to make sense to dubstep enthusiasts, and you’ll see why. Future j’s upbeat sound takes from Jungle’s use of pacey amen breaks, set at a lower tempo – 140bpm. It also revives a lot of other sounds from early jungle such as speedy chord progressions, punchy sub hits laced with rolling basslines and the essential ragga vocal. When combined successfully the tracks create an atmosphere of a smoky, lazer-lined warehouse packed at 4.a.m. One artist who would be headlining this rave is Arc 88.

Take a minute or two to explore his Soundcloud especially his most recent track, ‘Pelican’ and his release on Terrain Records, ‘2 Many’. Both tunes exemplify what we think is a good representation of the 140 lovechild of jungle and dubstep.

Arc88 – Pelican

Arc88 – 2 Many

Larger artists are embracing the sound as well. Check out this 145 bpm Goldie remix of Joker‘s ‘On My Mind’ ft William Cartwright:

Hopefully these tracks took you back in time, and now you’re looking forward to the sounds to come, and remember, this is just and introduction to sound that is still largely undefined (we’re still hesitant about sticking a name on it). We’ll be back next week with more tunes and some firsthand insight from artists themselves. Stay Tuned!

To wrap up this post we have a special Future Jungle mix from local Santa Barbara artist and selecta – Archive. We asked him to put this mix together for us because he’s been pushing the sound in his sets, and is a great resource when finding new tracks and artists. Archive’s appreciation for 140 Jungle stems from his deep jungle/drum and bass roots and his love for deep sub heavy dubstep. Please give the mix a listen, it is absolute FIRE, no joke! Tracks are posted on his Soundcloud, and check back in a week for a follow up post.

Archive – Bassweight Society Mix


-BWS (Shice)


5 responses to “Future Jungle – An Introduction

  1. BIGUPS! From Southern California!
    I would love to get some feed back from you guys on my new 140 jungle mix!

    ft. dismantle, arc88, tolerance, dj madd, + more

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