Roll It Out

Oi bredren,

Today we have a couple selections of some high calibre lurkers to set you straight.  By all means turn them speakers up and lets us deliver you some illy low level frequencies.

First up is a forthcoming release on mega label Subway Music set to drop on March 26.  Coming from a producer from the land down under going by the name of Droid Sector, the tunes are titled Catharsis/Sarcophagus.  Catharsis has a nice intro, sounding almost as if it was played with a xylophone.  The drop is mysterious, heavy in it’s kick drums but offset by a combination of atmospheric elements.  It’s one that definitely gets more interesting as you give it numerous listens.  Sarcophagus is maximum bassweight.  With rasta chants preceeding a massive drop this one is a killa.  For sure one to fill up all aspects of a soundsystem, Droid Sector does it proper with this badman choon.

Be sure to swing by Subway’s site and have a look.  These boys have been killing it in the Netherlands and globally for quite some time now. Subway Music

Thought it was worthy of a mention to highlight a VIP I recently heard of a tune that I thought was solid in itself.  The tune titled Swarf, we highlighted a month or two ago as a serious lurker from masterminds Thelem & Killawatt.  With a new twist on it the VIP pushes even deeper into the depths.  Ripped from a mix Thelem did, watch out for this one, who knows if it will get a release.

Last tunes of the day come from a producer we’ve never covered before named Server.  The tunes titled Boxing/Looking are set to release on Surfase Records on April 23.  Boxing utilizes hard snapping snares with consistent punching kick drums to keep the tune flowing throughout. Looking is a bit darker with bass stacked deep throughout.  I like how Server really utilizes his snares to compliment the low end pressure in the tune. Have a listen.

Blessings to all in the coming weekend.  Here in Cali we are lucky enough to have High Contrast, Netsky, & Andy C paying us a visit this weekend.  As we all here at BWS came to love dubstep music through years of listening to drum and bass, this weekend we are bruking out and paying respect to our roots.


-BWS (Lowkey)


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