EZ Monday: Bukkha, Focus & Compa

Yes I, blessings fam we’re back with another week of sharing the tunes that we love.  This weekend we had the opportunity to see a massive line up of artists at Beyond Wonderland, and by all means it was nothing less than a rinse out.  Magnetic Man rinsed out in anthem like fashion with Sgt. Pokes holding it tight on mic control.  High Contrast dropped selections from his new album while utilizing his bottomless bag of classics to bring fire in the dance.  Andy C, the most skillful of DJs, filled every corner of the sound system with maximum boom, hyping the crowd to the fullest.  Netsky blessed the end of the night with an hour full of drum and bass melodies that sent everyone home on positive vibes.  It truly was a massive night, big up all the artists, and big up Insomniac for bringing in that massive PK sound system!

Today we’ll start out with some rasta vibes, bringing to your attention a tune that will be given away FREE on April 1, no fooling you here.  Straight irie vibes on this wan, full roots supporter Bukkha brings a mega remix of Radikal Guru’s tune Tundra Dub.  For all dem rootsteppas out there, this tune is one to stomp to, proper work on dis ting!

Bukkha was featured on another Radikal Guru remix a couple months back titled Fire, make sure to have a look at his soundcloud here, Bukkha, and have a listen to other projects he’s working on.  Based out of Louisiana, it’s nice to here some proper dubs stateside.

On another tip, the next tune to highlight comes at us from an artist from London that goes by the name of Focus.  With a real lurky vibe to his tunes, this guy pushes the low end pressure.  The first tune, Hell’s Requiem, takes you deep into the depths.

The next one is definitely a more upbeat vibe, sure to make you skank.  The tune’s called Keep Calm, have a listen.

We’ll leave you off tonight with a tune from Compa who’s been taking massive strides this year.  Always bring the deepest vibe to the sound system, Compa delivers again with a new tune title Sojourn.  Massive shouts to him, can’t wait till he gets the chance to visit us here in Cali.

Right, well that’s it for today.  Shouts to all our friends and supporters scattered across the world.  Stay balanced this week.


-BWS (Lowkey)


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