Different Forms of Darkness: Content & Fornax, Vicious Circle, and More.

Respect.  Today is Tuesday and we are now almost through another month.  There has been a lot of really great music being made the past month, as if there isn’t always good music being made at any given point in time.  I think the greatest thing about a lot of the music being made in 2012, thus far, is that boundaries are being pushed and stretched, bringing variety and freshness to the music.  With that said, there has been a lot of overproduction of certain sounds and styles as well.  Anytime someone, or a group of people, start pigeonholing sounds/styles, the once creative and new attribute becomes dull and tired.  Specifically, I am talking about the recent tag of ‘dungeon’ style.  As if that isn’t the most sorry excuse for a genre title already, it has cause a massive insurgence of sounds that sound exactly the same, over and over, over and over.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE deep, dark, and weighty music but, that doesn’t permit people to bite others’ sounds and patterning.  There are so many directions you can go with your productions, especially given the space that dubstep provides, so why just imitate another’s music?  It’s one of those things that is beyond me.  The only reason I am bringing this is up to emphasize to those of you that are beginning to produce yourselves, or have been for sometime now, that you must be ORIGINAL!  You need to create things in your own eyes and windows of perception.  If not, your music will drift into the backround noise with the rest of the worlds mediocrity.

Today we have some really heavy tunes to highlight, so hope you’re ready for some pressure.

First track is a forthcoming tune from Ghost Note, due out on Redshift One sometime soon (RS1002).  This track brings some structure-shattering frequencies into our sound fields.  Sci-Fi ambiances ease your ears into the half-step abyss of sub-pressure and minimalistic drum sequencing.  The soundscaping/cinematic aspects of this one give it a mysterious presence while the extremely hard-hitting kick and sub-bass set the tone for the “no mucking about” type business.  Big up to Ghost Note on this one, loads of respect from us here stateside.

Ghost Note – Hyperion (Forthcoming Redshift One)


This next track comes from the like of Content and Fornax.  These two have just been on a top-notch collaboration binge!  Receiving support from the likes of J:Kenzo, Youngsta, and the US ambassador Joe Nice, Content has been making waves in the scene.  Fornax is another man who you should keep your eyes on with releases such as ‘Reconcile’ on Soul Jazz records.  This new bit, titled ‘Identity’, is one of the cooler tunes I’ve heard this month, hands down.  It has such a bouncy vibe to it while sticking to the deep and dark roots that I love so much.  I would be very surprised if this track didn’t find a home under a label very soon.  Respect to Fornax & Content!

Content & Fornax – Identity


Up next is a tune from a producer that I really know nothing about.  Just someone that I stumbled across while doing my daily rounds on Soundcloud.  He/she goes by the moniker KFKA and makes some really interestingly deep music.  I see a lot of potential in this artists music.  Bringing dark chants, feedback signals, and unique percussion to the table on this track, KFKA’s style is eclectic and successful.  Be patient and wait for the second drop ;).  This track is also a FREE DOWNLOAD so be sure to snag it on up and give your sincere thanks to KFKA for the giveaway! Download link in Soundcloud bar.



The last two tracks we have for tonight are two from the London based duo, Vicious Circle.  These two have been turning heads non-stop the past couple of months, specifically for their 140 bpm productions.  Putting out some of the heaviest and darkest tunes to date, these guys are sure to see a largely successful year in 2012.  Getting support from Youngsta, Ben Verse, and many others, I’m sure they will be stuck on the 140 business for quite some time.  Both of these releases are forthcoming on Crunch Recordings and should be listened to at extremely high volumes.  First track, ‘Not Afraid’, is a track displaying huge, rolling kick drums and real gritty presence.  Definitely a tune that will pick the energy up in your mix!  The second track, Hibernation, is another big-time roller.  Again with the high energy vibes, this track brings in a taste for some high frequencies, sounding like a mushroom induced laser stand-off.  Lend your ears to both the tracks below!

Vicious Circle – Not Afraid (Forthcoming Crunch Recordings)


Vicious Circle – Hibernation (Forthcoming Crunch Recordings)


Stay blessed people!  Hope you enjoyed the sounds.

To the gods.



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