Press Play: TZR & Tallan

Welcome back friends and fellow deep heads. For today’s feature we have a mix and a couple freebies to hold you over until the weekend, but most importantly we’re gonna  introduce a stateside producer that everyone should be keeping their ears out for. Seattle’s TZR started out his electronic epoch as a drum and bass dj, then took hold of dubstep,  and now is giving Us dubstep a good name with heaps of releases to back him up. His sounds can best be described as deep, dark and eerie. The experienced listener can hear his drum and bass background shine through in most tracks and it most definitely proves to his advantage. Coming at people with persistent rolling basslines, energetic drums and spacious synths, TZR is surely an artist to follow.

With a slew of tracks on a range of labels, TZR’s music is widely available to the public and listening is highly encouraged. Check out his most recent EP on California based sub Pressure Recordings:


He gave out a free tune today with pal, Issa:


Fellow bloggers FatKidOnFire got an interview and downloadable mix with, TZR back in October. Get the down low here.

Next up is a freshly broadcast radio set from New Zealand’s up and comer, Tallan. Previously featured on the site, check out this post or his Soundcloud to introduce yourself to Tallan, or better yet, listen to this mix of all original tracks.


The mix was blasted on and dives in deep and tribal, then picks up halfway through with a range of percussive and sub heavy bangers (even a 140 jungle track too). Download this mix, do what you will with it, and make sure to follow Tallan on Soundcloud and Facebook

Until next time,



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