Depth Charged By Legend4ry, Inkarv, Kaiju, and More!

What up fam!  It’s your boy Kinman back with some fresh bits that I know will tickle your fancies.  If you don’t like them you should probably just delete your Facebook page.  I’m hoping a few of you get that one, haha.  Anyways, the weather is starting to warm up over here in California (As if it’s not warm pretty much the entire year here) and I got to say, I love California.  One of the most gorgeous places on this earth.  Anywhere where you have plate activity you’re going to have jaw-dropping natural beauty.  Too many people take their surroundings for granted and it bums me out.  Just take a few minutes out of your day to really look around you, this earth has so much beauty contained within its borders.  I don’t care where you live, there is wonder.

The first tune up today is one from Inkarv.  This jam is pure vibes, so it’s not surprise that it was a runner-up for the Outlook Festival producer competition.  Honestly one of the more beautiful pieces of music I’ve heard lately.  From the inspiring vocal samples to the groovy drum sequencing, this tune is one for the lovers no doubt.  Some true eyes down business.

Inkarv – I’m Falling (Outlook Festival Entry)


Now we’re going to progress into some more head-nodding jams.  The latest release for Osiris Music, coming from the hands of Kaiju.  We’ve highlighted some tracks of this guy previously so hopefully you’re familiar with him, if you’re not, then get on it!  The A side of the release, titled ‘Close Break’ fully displays Kaiju’s ability to concoct heart-stopping sub-frequencies.  The vocal’s that are layered over the track give you a very reassuring vibe.  The second tune, ‘Belcanto’, is priceless.  Honestly, there really isn’t much I can say about this tune because you need to hear it for yourself.  No surprise that KM signed both of these tunes, they’re golden!

Kaiju – Close Break


Kaiju – Belcanto


Next up we got another one from Percept.  The man is just making tune after tune.  This one is on the mad bouncy vibe, I’m loving it too!  The kicks on this keep your body bouncing while the cinematic ambiances grab your mind and plummet it into the underworld.  Big up to Percept on this one and all of his recent accomplishments!

Percept – Hedorah (Widowmaker on Rood FM)


To close things out for the night I have two MASSIVE tunes from different artists, Killawatt & Quantam Soul, and Legend4ary.  These tunes are madddnesssssss, both of them.  To see Killawatt and Quantam Soul on the same track made my stomach erupt with butterflies because I knew it was going to be something just off the charts massive, and it was.  I can’t imagine this tune going unsigned and if it does I will be quite disappointed  because this is definitely a platter that I want in my crates.  The other bit from Legend4ry is another roller that can set the dance off HARD!  Legend4ry is one of the most underrated producers, in my opinion, so spread this guys sounds around!  A straight badman on the buttons.


Legend4ry – That Was Yesterday


Alright fam, blessings upon all of you, can’t express how grateful we are to have such a dope community (you guys) that we can share all of this great music with.  Until next time…

To the gods.



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