SPREP009 – Fornax’s ‘Absent Referent EP’

Yes I. Today we wanted to take the time to showcase Sub Pressures forthcoming release from Fornax. The ‘Absent Referent EP’ is a collection of four originals from Fornax and a remix done by the badman Promise One. Fornax comes hard from the start with the self-titled ‘Absent Referent’. Bouncing percussion and spacious atmospherics taking you through a vortex of soulful stabs and pads. A perfect way to bring the listeners into the heart of the release. The following tune, ‘Zodiac’, is another fine display of space and rhythm, following suit nicely from the opening track. The third tune, ‘Kepler’, really starts to bring the energy levels up with its sci-fi drenched soundscape and stomping kick drums that get you in the chestplate. Don’t know if it was all part of the plan but I like the way the EP takes you on this gradual evolution of sounds, starting off with slower more spacious tunes and slowly progressing from there. Fornax’s final tune on the EP is called ‘Genocide’ and it’s my personal favorite from the release. A pounding half-step abyss of dusty pipes and an array of reverb blessed production. The finishing track is Promise One’s take on ‘Kepler’. Definitely another gem for Promise One to put under his belt. A roller meant to make the heads bounce. Definitely a man to keep your eyes on, this Fornax fellow. If you never caught that bit we highlighted with him and Content then I suggest you take a listen to that beauty! The ‘Absent Refernent EP’ is set to release April 23rd, so mark your calenders!


If you haven’t check out the releases from Sub Pressure I strongly suggest taking a peak at their roster! Releases from the likes of Biome, Kelly Dean, Promise One, TZR, and now Fornax. Mad love to the boys at Sub Pressure for pushing the sounds over here stateside. It’s nice to have a friend in our backyard holding down the deeper sounds, no doubt. Show them some love if you haven’t already!


Alright people, that’s what we got for today. Stay blessed, and support your local artist.

To the gods.



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