To Babylon

Yahtzee! Hope all is well fam.  Here in Cali we gotta the mega festival Coachella going down this weekend, so myself and Kinman are heading out into the desert tomorrow for some major partying and listening enjoyment.  I’m pretty excited, events that only happen one time of year create a real sense of anticipation for those that enjoy attending the large festivals.  While it will be packed full of sweaty fat dudes, crazy hippies, geeky too cool hipsters, and lots of weirdos, it’s also full of a lot beautiful people and loads of insane music including a large roster of smaller up and comers.  It’s not all about electronic music or bass music for that matter, which I like, cause there’s so much other music out that makes life just that much better.

So anyways got a couple choonies that are getting me psyched for the weekend.  First one up is a new tune by super badman Emalkay.  As always Emalkay delivers massive high energy sound system bangers that have some unique twist from the general status quo mess of tunes out there.  The tune titled Breathe is a remix he did for Delilah, and while I won’t take it so far as saying it’s one of his best tunes I’ve heard, it definitely is one worth commenting on.  Nice poppy vocals layered of an assortment of anthemic mid range wobbles.  Have a listen, definitely one that would push the dance floor to get buck!


Taking it down a notch, no pun intended, we got Enigma Dubz sending us some free goodness.  The tune has been in circulation for a little while now, but proper piano melodies and lower level lurking going on in this one.  This guy has been putting out some serious variety of quality tunes in the last year and it seems he’s finally start to get some attention.  Just the other day I saw Hatcha big upping him on Facebook, so give him some further support and scope his new tunes.

Enigma Dubz – 28 Beats Later


Last tune for the day is to send you out on some proper rasta man ting vibes.  Roommate comes at us with a release on King Dubbist titled Dragon Riddim.  Straight reggae styling baseline skanking.  Not much to say except that it’s tunes like these that put me in a good minstate to go enjoy the weekend.


O and thought I’d mention one last tune that showed its face today.  I’m a firm believer that many of you deep heads should be supportive of the drum & bass scene as well.  Jubei & Flowdan released a massive half step collab today titled Say Nothin.  Not much to say other than that it’s massive.


So yes, blessings through the rest of the week.  Thanks always for the support, and I’ll have some music reports to post up next week.

Jah Bless,



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