Release Highlight – Asa & Stumbleine Your Secret EP


Hello fellow brothers and sisters. Hope your weekend was everything you needed to focus on the things that bring balance to your life.  Last night Kinman and myself embarked on some bass-ridden madness as we stomped it out in proper fashion to ultra selector J:Kenzo.  Big up to the SMOG family for booking him and letting him rinse out on a proper system, it was definitely a night of high grade riddims.  Kenzo displayed his mastery at his art as he smashed in one tune after another.  He laid the intro of his set with a tune that spoke to the crowd in almost hypnotic brainwashing sense, with creepy computerized vocals leading into a smashing low end foundation.  he played tune after tune that I’d never heard before, tunes that hopefully we’ll see in circulation in the near future.  Highlight tunes that I could actually remember included LX One – You VIP, some big ass Kenzo tune with Footsie spitting over it, and the massive Distance remix of Ruffhouse.  All in all Kenzo displayed flawless skills mixing in one bassline after another.  It was a big night, big up to J:Kenzo and Kelly Dean from Smog for bringing heat to the speaker boxes.

With that out of the way, I want to introduce a couple artists we’ve never mentioned before and highlight their 5 track EP that dropped today.  On a beautiful, soulful, mellow tip this album is a great way to start the week and focus on all the beauty around you.  Introducing, Asa & Stumbleine, UK based artists hailing from Bristol; their EP Your Secret released today on Inspected Records and it is one that you should definitely lend an ear to.  Every tune on the album brings something unique to the table while maintaining an essential central theme that’s displayed by their style of production.  This is atmospheric, emotionally provoking music that displays a truly high calibre of musical showmanship.

The first tune titled Vapour opens the album with a soft trickling snare lead into a lovely string composure and light cracking drum pattern with background echoing vocals.  For 7 minutes the tune takes you to another place as the atmospheric ambiance provokes you to think.  The next tune Glow, finds its base around a solid kick drum and a looping vocal sample.  The piano and low end strings guide the tune continuing the journey.  The third tune titled Tourniquet displays collaborating vocals from Shura & Coma.  As the keys and strings build in the middle of the tune the vocals mesh with the bass line to push things to another level.  Tinderbox, the fourth tune on the EP, is the mellowest tune of the bunch in my opinion.  Amazing quality, reminds me of a rainy day.  Without You, the last tune, has a lot of low end pressure with a steady bass line filling the speakers controlling the vibe of the tune.  The tune steadily builds until around the 4 minute mark where it slowly leads the listener out the dream, with rain falling in the background.  This is a great EP and an amazing display of a lot of skill and emotion put into every tune.  Be sure to give it a good listen and go out and support the artists by purchasing the record.


Asa, Stumbleine – Your Secret EP

Big up to Asa & Stumbleine. You can bet that we will be following closely these two and hopefully have some new material or an interview feature with them in the near future.  I’ll leave all our family off today with a free tune by them that they upped on their soundcloud a couple months back.  An original by Stumbleine titled More Than Words with Asa on the remix.


Make sure to big up Asa & Stumbleine for the freebie.  Hope you enjoyed the post, thanks as always for checking in!


-BWS (Lowkey)


One response to “Release Highlight – Asa & Stumbleine Your Secret EP

  1. Asa is a fantastic outfit. Pairing with Stumbleine does def give their tracks some body. The tracks with no vocals simply create new worlds. Cant wait for Asa’s full album.

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