[LUVSIC002] Riskotheque & Marchmellow: Truth – Don’t Explain (Remix)/1-800-LOVE

Bless fam!

Hope all is well with ya’ bad selves. I wanted to take time out today to highlight the forthcoming release from Love Sick Recordings. These badmen were the first crew/artist to give us an interview last year after we got the site up and running so, aside from the fact that they write amazing music, they will always have a deep respect in my heart for the love they showed us back then. If you don’t know about the Love Sick then I strongly suggest that you acquaint yourself with their sound. On an individual level, Love Sick is composed of Riskotheque, Screen Age, Marchmellow, and Max Mudie. Four amazing producers that encompass a vast array of styles. They teamed up to create Love Sick with the mission to bring the sounds of love, funk, soul, and timelessness to the table. Late last year marked the debut release for the imprint with tracks from Riskotheque & Marchmellow alongside Southbound Hangers(Screen Age & Max Mudie). It was a top-notch debut release and if you haven’t snagged that one up do so, it’s a must have! The crew is back again, with LUVSIC002 showcasing an AMAZING remix of Truth’s ‘Don’t Explain’ and ‘1-800-LOVE’ done by Riskotheque & Marchmellow. I first heard the Don’t Explain remix back in October /November of last year and I literally went mental, and have been anticipating this release ever since. Needless to say, I’m quite excited to see if finally get a release onto wax.

The original of ‘Don’t Explain’ was already an absolutely massive track. If you haven’t heard this one it was released back in 2010 on Aquatic Lab on the Puppet’s album. This is one of my many all-time favorite tracks ever written. Usually I’m a snob about remixing tracks that are already of the highest quality but, I must say, Riskotheque & Marchmellow were not fucking around when they built this remix. The interpretation takes on a completely different persona and turns into one of the most dance-friendly tracks that I’ve heard in my life. Hold tight for the second drop. The boys infuse elements from the classic 90’s house era into the present day production quality, creating feel-good vibes that can rival almost any tune written on the late. The energy is kept constant with a 4×4 kick pattern, rolling high hats, and rave stabs that incite orgasms in your ears. Like I said, hold tight for the second drop, it’s absolutely MENTAL. You will skank like no badman has ever skanked before!

Truth – Don’t Explain (Riskotheque & Marchmellow Remix)


The AA side is ‘1-800-LOVE’. This track slows down on the tempo side of things ending up in the 120-ish arena. This tune progresses with rising pads and chopped up vocals into a rolling house track with an extremely funky bassline and chords that fill the air with “sunrise at the rave” vibes. A truly beautiful track this one is. Between the claps, high hats, and the shakers this beat is laced up with rhythms and grooves that force footwork upon the people dem’. Another perfect fit for the Love Sick imprint. Have a listen:

Riskotheque & Marchmellow – 1-800-LOVE


Make sure to keep your eyes out on your favorite record store for this one! Due for release on July 2nd in all good shops. This is definitely going to be one of the better releases for the year, in my opinion.

Catch you next time.

-To the gods.



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