Ipman – ‘Persistent Dread/Signal Motion’ [OSMUK032]

Osiris Musik

“Ipman has established himself as a force to be reckoned with over the last couple of years, bringing a lethal combination of unfaltering creative freshness and no-nonsense soundsystem pressure to the table. His music is held in high regard by Kryptic Minds, and this August sees them welcome Ipman to the Osiris Music UK crew to drop two blackened cuts of bruising tech-edged weaponry for the imprint’s 32nd release. The results are unreservedly dark and punishing, with ‘Persistent Dread’ driven by hypnotising sub bass body-blows that punch beneath a jagged swell of menacing sound design and mazing glitch melodies. The flip features the fierce rolling beats of ‘Signal Motion’, a lurching stomper that hits hard with chest-caving intent; deft snarls of mechanised snyths and titanium-grade kicks accent waves of deep dread frequency. A monstrous debut Osiris 12 from Ipman”

Words taken via Surus

Release Date:  August 5th, 2013


Pre-Order Link || SURUS




– Kinman


F*CK Yeah Friday

Big up to all the heads!  Yes, it’s Friday and boy do we have a HUGE lineup of tracks for you today.  We are truly fascinated at how many top-notch releases are making it out at the end of 2011 and early 2012.  With all that has happened this year, 2012 will surely play out to be one of the most interesting years for bass music, for any and all genres.

The first track that we have for you today is a collaboration between Biome and an artist previously featured on Bassweight Society, Thelem.  The track is titled ‘Jugana’, and pushes out some heart stopping low-frequencies.  The bouncy drum sequence keeps your legs on the move while your mind is on a journey through deep space, possibly to Kepler-22b.  Hopefully this track will see a release in the near future but for now enjoy this Soundcloud clip!

Biome & Thelem – Jugana


The next tune that we have is one from the EXTREMELY talented New Zealand duo, TRUTH, aka “the sonic architects of songs.”  We had the pleasure of hosting these guys at one of our shows up here in Santa Barbara and they absolutely smashed the town into pieces.  People had no idea what they were in for and when they got it, they couldn’t get enough!  This track, titled ‘Last Time’, is one engineered in the finest of manners.  The vibe that this track gives out is honestly still a mystery to us but, YOU WANT THIS FEELING.  Take a listen.

Truth – Last Time


The next pair of tracks that we have for you are an absolutely mandatory component of everybody’s music library(once they are released).  We speak of the men known as Killa & Instinct.  The Bristol based production team has been on top their game and is now looking forward to releases on Orientis Recordings and BOKA Records in early 2012.  The first track deserving of attention is one titled ‘Elements’ and is due out on a special three-part release series from Boka early next year.  A little on the chilled side of things this track is very beneficial to any thought-requiring task, as it’s percussion filled sound spectrum rolls through your body with meditative vibes.  The next one that we have is a remix of Thelem’s tune titled ‘Drone’ that was released in October of this year.  Again, this track is filled with immense percussion and bangs out some ridiculously deep and dark vibes.  Take a listen to both below!

Killa & Instinct – Elements


Thelem – Drones (Killa & Instinct Remix)


We have one final track for you today and it’s one from the man like Ipman.  We just recently featured the remix he had done of Killawatt’s ‘Sidewinder’, and he’s back on our radar with this unreal original production, titled ‘Mirage’.  This tune is an epic buildup into one of the funkiest and most bass-heavy tunes that we’ve heard on the late!  There is no room for denial that this tune is of absolute quality!  Take a listen and try not to dance, guaranteed it won’t happen :).

Ipman – Mirage


That’s the word today everybody!  Hope you all have an amazing weekend and we’ll see you again on Monday with some badman mixes to start your week off right!




-Bassweight Society

Weight Watch Wednesday

Easy everybody.  It’s already halfway through the week!  Time to celebrate hump day with some proper sounding bassweight.  Today, as always, we are featuring some absolutely amazing tunes that we are sure you will enjoy.  There are so many unreal tracks being released right now that it would be impossible to highlight them all so we are just going to bring forth a few that stand out the most to us.

The first track is due out for release on December 19, available through Surus first.  This tune is an absolute BADMAN riddim’!  Personally we have never heard anything from either of these two producers, call us lame, but we can guarantee that we will definitely be on top of their releases from here on out.  Dub Phizix and Skeptical absolutely smashed the production on this one.  To top off, the badass MC, Skeptical, spits some venomous bars to add some real vibes.  Getting a release on Exit Records, which is a label run by D-Bridge, this tune has been getting relentless amounts of hype on the web, and rightfully so!  Don’t forget the day that this track comes out!!!  Test press’ went on sale early yesterday and were instantly sold out, we imagine the same story will follow for the official release.  Massive out to the boys that made this tune, it’s straight up business.

Dub Phizix & Skeptical ft. Strategy – Marka


The next release that we have for you was a recent release on Black Box’s ‘XXX’ special edition series.  The original track is one done by Killawatt and is titled ‘Sidewinder’.  This is yet another tune that Killawatt has produced in the finest of fashions.  This bassweight roller gets the night started off real proper by easing you into a head nodding frenzy, and subsequently throwing some mysterious vocal cuts that compliment the soundscape quite nicely.  The flip of this release is a remix that Ipman composed and is made for the dancefloor.  The jungle-vibed break pattern of the drums incite flashbacks to our days of being strict junglists.  Have a listen to both of these and don’t forget to purchase your copies either!!!

Killawatt – Sidewinder

Killawatt – Sidewinder (Ipman Remix)


The next release that we have for everybody is one from the likes of TMSV, and just received a release on Black Box’s side label, Box Clever.  The ‘A’ side, titled ‘Myth’, emits a truly tribal vibe while sending the listener through different low-end paths of thought.  The bongos on this track keep the shuffle alive while keeping it nice and slow.  The flip of this release, ‘Flow’, is another gem that TMSV can throw under the belt.  This track starts off with vibes as the dark and ominous vocal sample immediately hooks you in.  From there this track really takes form and offers a perfect balance of frequencies.

TMSV – Myth


TMSV – Flow


That’s it for today everybody.  As always, we hope you enjoy the sounds!  Spread the love to your friends and family, everybody deserves some proper bassweight in their life :).


One love.

-Bassweight Society