Serious Bassweight Business

Oi! We’re back again with another installment of some of the finest bassweight business being pushed out right now. Obviously we can’t highlight ALL of the quality material being put out right now but we got some really great music for you today. Trying to keep things fresh we have tunes from all different ends of the spectrum. Everything from vocal-drenched to techno-infused.

The first track is one from a man who has finally emerged out of the shadows, beginning to receive that recognition that has been much deserved for the past 5 years or so. With his debut full-length album due out early April, DJ Madd has been boosting bass bins with his extremely powerful sounds. Having had the support of many of today’s highest caliber producers and pretty much every top-notch radio show, Madd’s presence had become quite the force to reckon with. We have previously highlighted the tune ‘Riginal’ and ‘Deeply’ Ft. Lady Maroo, both part of his album, and today we have another gem from the The Real and The Shadow LP. This one, titled ‘No Tomorrow’, features the unforgettable vocal presence of the one and only, Rebel MC. This tune is an absolute gem so lend an ear!


Coming at you for the second tune is one from Orientis Recordings label boss, Thelem. This guy makes some of the deepest of deep tunes. The track, ‘Cathetus’, is no exception. Utilizing his skills at incorporating some of the illest growls and horns, Thelem builds this one up to be an absolute smasher for all the heads. The double-kick keeps the energy of the tune high while his master-crafted soundscapes incite some truly eerie vibes through your mind. Big up to Thelem!


This next bit is another one from our good friends, Truth. I honestly don’t understand how these guys keep putting out the number of bangers that they do. Especially amidst the devastation their home has seen in the past year due to a relentless amount of earthquakes pounding through. These two are a true inspiration. This tune, taken from Yunx’s show yesterday, left me speechless. HUGE rolling rave synths layered up with that wall of sub-frequencies that this duo always brings equates to one of the largest tunes of 2012 thus far. Nuff’ respect!

Truth – Haarp (CLIP)


Next, we have another huge one from Percept. This track is an absolute skank-out tune! Forthcoming on Innamind, ‘Boxed In’ shows his very promising style and skill. Percept is definitely one of the artists you are going to want to keep your eyes during 2012, he is sure to emerge with a highly respected presence.

Percept – Boxed In (Forthcoming Innamind Records)


The final bit for today is a production hailing from the hands of LAXX, an Oxford based producer who is bringing a very techno-infused vibe to his tracks. The tune, titled ‘System Meltdown’, comes at you hard with a 4×4 beat that will straight MASH-UP the dance! We have really been feeling this particular vibe that producers like LAXX and Killawatt have been putting out. It’s a really fresh take on things. Have a listen and show the man some love!

LAXX – System Meltdown (CLIP)


That’s it for today.

To the gods.

-Bassweight Society (Kinman)


Monday, Bloody Monday.

Bless!  Back again from another weekend, hope everyone had themselves good times.  It’s kind of been one of those “case of the monday’s” type days, if you catch my drift.  Not really much to say, we just have some high quality tunes for your audibal pleasures.  The badman duo Truth has been on releasing some hype tunes lately, like always.  Two new ones from them.  We also have two new tunes from DJ Madd.  The release, his The Real and The Shadow LP, is out late this week so make sure to snag dem a tunes.  Then theres another massive collaboration between Sleeper and District called ‘The Risk’.  Once these two boys get on the track together, nothing but quality reaches your ears.  Just for fun we’re going to leave you off with Skream’s disco mix that he did for Solid State Radio.  Straight vibes throughout.  Enjoy.

Truth – Born Enemies

Truth – Babylon London

DJ Madd – Riginal

DJ Madd ft. Lady Maroo – Deeply

Sleeper & District – The Risk

Skream – Solid State Radio Disco Mix


That’s it for today, yo’.


-Bassweight Society (Kinman)