Smooth Ride Into The Weekend

We’ve made it through another week.  The weekend is here and it’s that time for us to freely do as we please, taking advantage of all the weekend has to offer.  Maybe it’s going to a show, or making tunes, or just straight relaxing.  Whatever your flavor we got some tunes to get things going for you tonight.  With not much to say on this Friday, we’ll let the tunes speak for themselves and set the vibes for a solid weekend ahead.

Original don El-b comes at us with the first skanker, a fully loaded dance floor riddim.  Accurately titled ‘Romp’, this one is a stomper no doubt.

El-b – Romp


The next heavyweight is by bad boy Cyrus who never disappoints when laying down low frequency riddims.  The tune ‘Hot Pan’ has been in circulation for sometime now, but sees a release this week.  Be sure to turn that sub up as this one is sure to wake up the granny downstairs.


Had to throw a dub tune in to send you off on good vibes.  This week sees a release on King Dubbist records with a tune by Chezidek called ‘The Place’.  The album showcases 5 different artists including west coast badman Roommate, and is sure to set minds straight.  Have a listen, its crystal clear.


And check the remaining tunes on the record here:

King Dubbist Various Artist – The Place EP

Blessings to all.  Send us some feedback if you have a sec, what tunes you want us to mention or who you’d like to see us interview.  We are all ears.  Have a sick weekend!

-BWS (Lowkey)


Chestplate Business

Happy Friday everybody!  With Halloween right around the corner, we thought there could be nothing better than to bring the sounds of Chestplate Records to your attention.  The label hosts some of the darkest sounds in circulation, and is no secret to those who keep up with scene.  Founded by the one and only, Distance, Chestplate Records lets their music speak for itself.  The labels arsenal or artists consists of Distance, Cyrus, Tunnidge, District, and the labels newest member, Sleeper.  Each and every one of these guys puts out some of the heaviest bassweight on the market.  Distances reputation in the dubstep world is one comparable to Skream, Benga, or Pinch.  In other words, HE”S HUGE.  His backround of heavy metal and industrial music gives his sound an element that sets him apart from anybody else.  What that element is I cannot describe with words, but take a listen to a couple of tunes and it becomes very clear that this man is a pioneer.  His forthcoming EP, titled Meanstreak, has been one of the most anticipated releases of 2011.  Within 24 hours of the preorders opening up, every 12″ pressed, was sold!!  Distance and the rest of the Chestplate crew have made a HUGE imprint on ‘dubstep’ since it’s early beginnings and will continue to do so with the additions of artists like District and Sleeper.  Below you will find soundcloud links to the Meanstreak EP and the rest of the Chestplate family.  You can preorder the digital versions of Meanstreak here: , SO GET ON IT.  Also don’t forget to stop by the Chestplate Records facebook for all the latest updates and info on the label:

Distance – Mind Control (Meanstreak EP)

Distance – Knowing ( Meanstreak EP)

Distance – Meanstreak (Meanstreak EP)



Hope everyone enjoys the sounds.



-Bassweight Society