Mix Mondays: Weight For The Week

What up everybody!  We hope ya’ll had a great weekend, we most certainly did.  BWS co-founder, Shice, tore up the streets of Santa Barbara at the Santa Babylon party featuring headliner Esh-One from New Mexico.  Always a good time with the Santa Babylon boys!

We’re back with another installment of Mix Monday, and we, as always, have some heaters for your ears.

The first mix that we have for everybody is one built by Birmingham based producer/DJ, ENIGMA.  This mix, done for the Dubheadz crew, is jam-packed with HUGE tunes.  Sub-frequencies emitting at the most powerful level, mixing skills on point, and a track selection of the highest caliber, this mix will set your head straight.  Starting things off with one of his own productions, titled ‘Lights Out’, you will be instantly hooked by the lurky sounds of this mix.  Starting off with the melodic, atomospheric bass music that ENIGMA does so well, the mix slowly rises to it’s peak, causing panic on the dance.  Being a seasoned musician since the age of 5, ENIGMA is no stranger to finding a proper balance within his sounds, as shown in his productions and mixes.  So, lend an ear and enjoy!

ENIGMA DUBZ – ‘Mix for Dubheadz’

The next mix that we have for you is one done by BWS founder, Kinman.  This all-vinyl mix showcases some of the largest tunes produced in 2011.  Starting off with ‘Celestial Dub’, a tune produced by Coki, the mix progresses into the soulful productions of Antiserum, Ill-Esha, and Author, then taking off into a realm of mad percussion and chestplate-shaking frequencies.  So many HUGE double-drops lined up in this one.  Sit back, light one up, and enjoy the deep sounds of Killawatt, Benton, DJ MADD, District, Headhunter, and many more.  Nuff’ said!

Kinman – Bassweight Sessions Volume 2 (ALL-VINYL)

The last mix that we have for you, Jah’s children, is one done by the recently added BWS artist, Lowkey.  Long-time Bass enthusiast, Lowkey sets the vibe right with some of the most purple sounding dance floor rhythms that are available at the moment.  Featuring artists such as Joker, Kavsrave, Icicle, and Distance, this is nothing short of a heavyweight anthem.  An entry in a recent mixtape competition, the mix displays a keen ear, seasoned mixing skills, and an overall good vibe.  Take a listen and show some love to Lowkey.

Lowkey – Jah Know

That’s the word this week, as far as mixes.  Again, in case you forgot, we will now be featuring a post  everyday, Monday – Friday.  Be sure to check in tomorrow as we have a very special highlight on 140 Jungle.

Enjoy the sounds.

To the Gods.

-Bassweight Society

Christmas Freebies!

What is up, children of Jah.  Well Christmas has just passed and, as usual, there has been a great number of artists that have been generous enough to give the people FREE tunes.  We want to just take a second and truly commend these people.  This is how they make their living, and the fact that they are giving away free songs is one of the most selfless things a musician can do.  Too many people overlook the dedication, effort, and sacrifice that goes into each tune that a producer writes.  You should really think twice about about clicking that link next time you stumble upon an illegal download.  Unless you are that kind of person that enjoys stealing money from hardworking individuals.  But if that’s the case, FUCK OFF.  We have four different bundles of tunes today for you all.  One is hailing from the boys at Chestplate Records, and contains 4 very amazing tunes from the likes of DistanceDistrict, and Sleeper.  The second one is a free tune from the Soap Dodgers.  Third in line we have a free EP from the extremely talented TMSV.  Lastly, we have the FINAL FREEIZM that will ever be released, according to Skream.  The release from Skream is an absolute gem.  It contains tracks that he made while still in his teen years and never released.  Really sick OG vibes on this one.

Please go out and personally thank these artists for their generosity!  If you have not already showed support on their pages, please go out and do that as well!  Massive outs the all the above from us at Bassweight Society, we will be reppin’ you guys hard all of 2012!

Chestplate Records Xmas EP

Soap Dodgers Xmas Tune


Skream’s FINAL Freeizm


Alright people that’s what we got for you today!  Just a short and sweet post for today.  Enjoy the freebies, and like we said please go out and thank/support these artists for the endless amount of hours they put into making music that makes us feel good.

We’ll see all you guys on Wednesday.

To the Gods.

Bassweight Society

Chestplate Business

Happy Friday everybody!  With Halloween right around the corner, we thought there could be nothing better than to bring the sounds of Chestplate Records to your attention.  The label hosts some of the darkest sounds in circulation, and is no secret to those who keep up with scene.  Founded by the one and only, Distance, Chestplate Records lets their music speak for itself.  The labels arsenal or artists consists of Distance, Cyrus, Tunnidge, District, and the labels newest member, Sleeper.  Each and every one of these guys puts out some of the heaviest bassweight on the market.  Distances reputation in the dubstep world is one comparable to Skream, Benga, or Pinch.  In other words, HE”S HUGE.  His backround of heavy metal and industrial music gives his sound an element that sets him apart from anybody else.  What that element is I cannot describe with words, but take a listen to a couple of tunes and it becomes very clear that this man is a pioneer.  His forthcoming EP, titled Meanstreak, has been one of the most anticipated releases of 2011.  Within 24 hours of the preorders opening up, every 12″ pressed, was sold!!  Distance and the rest of the Chestplate crew have made a HUGE imprint on ‘dubstep’ since it’s early beginnings and will continue to do so with the additions of artists like District and Sleeper.  Below you will find soundcloud links to the Meanstreak EP and the rest of the Chestplate family.  You can preorder the digital versions of Meanstreak here: http://www.surus.co.uk/chestplate/meanstreak-ep-14553.aspx , SO GET ON IT.  Also don’t forget to stop by the Chestplate Records facebook for all the latest updates and info on the label: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chestplate/267307096647968.

Distance – Mind Control (Meanstreak EP)

Distance – Knowing ( Meanstreak EP)

Distance – Meanstreak (Meanstreak EP)



Hope everyone enjoys the sounds.



-Bassweight Society